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Use a Commercial Security Monitoring System to Protect Your Business

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Do you need a new business security system for your commercial properties? Or perhaps you need an updated system for your retail store. Since only one-out-of-every-seven business has a security alarm system, you may want to consider having one installed or updating your current system.

Were you aware that there are approximately 38 million alarm activations on an annual basis? Approximately 10%-to-25% of the calls police receive are due to alarms. When police respond to these alarms, 94%-to-98% are actually false activations. In general, these false alarms take two officers and approximately 20 minutes to investigate.

Many of these

Tests, Checks, and Repairs for Gearbox Rebuild

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Marine engineering has evolved over the past 100 years in some pretty amazing ways. Conveying and propulsion systems have been automated with a precision that takes routine calibration, repair, and even rebuilding to remain in good working order. The advent of the industrial age in the early 1900s saw that many mechanical systems became automated and easily repaired. The mining, agriculture, and shipping industry machinery all have one novel invention in common that keeps their systems moving- the gearbox. This piece is an important tool that provides the necessary mechanical power to drive ships, tractors, and worm gears. The gearbox is to the ship what the transmission is to the vehicle.

Gearbox rebuild and repair is often necessary when the device shows signs of malfunction. The issues may manifest as

Life Coaching Could It Change Your Life?

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We all face problems in life — but for some, facing those problems is harder than it might be for others. If you’ve found yourself struggling with issues like depression and anxiety, it can be easy to feel alone and desperate — you may even be isolating yourself. What makes these matters worse is feeling like nothing is working. While there is certainly validity to traditional mental health treatment, often people find that they need something extra — something complementary, rather than a replacement. Working on your mental health is one thing; working on your spiritual health is another. While a psychologist and psychiatrist can only see you for a certain amount of time and has to maintain a certain level of distance, a certified life coach can offer a more personal experience. A certified life

What are the three types of international dispute resolution?

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When it comes to the judicial system, unless you’re a lawyer or attorney, it’s very easy to get confused. With so much legal jargon and laws, navigating the waters can be tricky, and overwhelming. There are three primary types of resolution when it comes to international disputes: arbitration, litigation and negotiation. Read on for a brief description of each.

1. International arbitration. Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution technique. It involves a third party who serves as a judge. The neutral party listens to both sides and then hands down a decision based on the evidence and arguments. Arbitration of international disputes is more informal and typically costs much less than litigation. It is also