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Pros and Cons Plywood or Ground Protection Mats

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Working with heavy equipment on soft or landscaped ground can be a pain. Not only does it slow down your project, risk getting your equipment stuck in the mud, and add one more thing to worry about, but it can drive up costs if you have to repair those ugly ruts in the ground.
Many construction firms just throw down a plywood path for their equipment to drive over, but others invest in ground protection mats. So which is the right choice for your firm?

Pros and Cons of Plywood for Ground Protection

The main advantage of plywood are pretty straightforward. It’s cheap, lightweight, and readily available. It’s easy to place, move, and pick up when the job’s done. So why are so many companies instead deciding to buy ground protection mats?
While plywood is cheap, those costs disappear the se

s Buying Used Computers Really Worth It? The Answer May Surprise You

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Are you in the market for a new computer? Whether you need a laptop for personal use or server space for work, you may have more options than you believe you do. Even though it may be tempting to head to the nearest big box electronics store for your tech needs, these places often overcharge and under-deliver when it comes to high performance PCs. Fortunately, you have other options, like buying used or refurbished computers for a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Why are used computers worth it?

Many people may hear the term “used” and think that they’re getting something low-quality. Yet even today, a used or “pre-owned” vehicle is often virtually indistinguishable from a car that was once purchased new, and it can run just as well if not better than something right off the pro

The Rewards of Nonprofit Jobs

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It is often commonplace to hear people complain about their jobs. In truth, however, a job is security, peace of mind, and the capability to provide dinner for the evening — many of us take our jobs for granted, but the unemployment rate is still as high as 5% in the United States. Around 51% of workers with a current job are either actively seeking, or open to new employment opportunities; in total this means that around 71% of all workers are “on the job market”. Many nonprofit jobs are available, yet require a specific type of candidate depending on the position — here are some of the most effective ways to meet up with nonprofit job recruiters.

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How Latin America is Increasing the Need for Refrigerated Trucks

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The ice cream industry is credited with the successful creation of the first mechanically refrigerated truck in 1925. This type of heavy equipment has applications beyond the neighborhood ice cream truck. Refrigerated trailers and trucks are important pieces of agricultural equipment. When the produce is shipped over a distance of more than a day, or when the weather is warm, the produce needs to be kept cool so as to not spoil. Supermarket shoppers want fruit and vegetables that look vibrant and fresh, not wilted.

It is no secret that fruits and vegetables prefer clement weather to thrive. Some types of produce will only grow in these types of environments. The issue that presents itself