Use a Commercial Security Monitoring System to Protect Your Business

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Do you need a new business security system for your commercial properties? Or perhaps you need an updated system for your retail store. Since only one-out-of-every-seven business has a security alarm system, you may want to consider having one installed or updating your current system.

Were you aware that there are approximately 38 million alarm activations on an annual basis? Approximately 10%-to-25% of the calls police receive are due to alarms. When police respond to these alarms, 94%-to-98% are actually false activations. In general, these false alarms take two officers and approximately 20 minutes to investigate.

Many of these false alarms could be caused by faulty equipment as well as ineffective surveillance systems. When you have a high quality alarm system with security cameras as well as other commercial security services, you will be able to minimize the incidence of these false alarms so that the police are directed where they are most needed.

According to a National Retail Security Survey, retailers in the United States have experienced a $44 million loss of inventory, or inventory shrinkage. This includes the following types of theft:

    Shoplifting: 38%
    Employee theft: 34.5%

Approximately 67% of burglaries could be prevented through installing security cameras for video surveillance. If you own a commercial business, then you’re aware that there are considerably more attempted and actual break-in during Christmas and New Year. In fact, there are more incidences during this time of year than any other.

During a study of convicted burglars, it was found that 83% always checked to determine if there was an alarm. In the case of unplanned burglaries, it was found that over 50% of the potential burglars would stop and leave when they saw an alarm. It’s highly probably that some of these attempted burglaries were prevented by the presence of security cameras as well.

When looking for a new security system, you want to know that you’re providing a safer work environment for your employees. In order to protect your employees’ well-being as well as your business inventory, choosing a hi tech business security system is essential.

Rather than purchasing a traditional system, it might be in your best interests to invest in a verified alarm system that is monitored by professionals. These professionals are highly trained and will watch and listen to determine if and when someone attempts to break into your business.

To protect your business, you want to have a seamless integration of automated operations. An effective security system can provide you with the following features:

    Audio-based intrusion detection systems
    Computerized central monitoring stations


    Integrated access control systems
    Remote downloading of programs to microprocessor-based alarm systems

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