Tests, Checks, and Repairs for Gearbox Rebuild

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Marine engineering has evolved over the past 100 years in some pretty amazing ways. Conveying and propulsion systems have been automated with a precision that takes routine calibration, repair, and even rebuilding to remain in good working order. The advent of the industrial age in the early 1900s saw that many mechanical systems became automated and easily repaired. The mining, agriculture, and shipping industry machinery all have one novel invention in common that keeps their systems moving- the gearbox. This piece is an important tool that provides the necessary mechanical power to drive ships, tractors, and worm gears. The gearbox is to the ship what the transmission is to the vehicle.

Gearbox rebuild and repair is often necessary when the device shows signs of malfunction. The issues may manifest as excessive noise, vibration, fluid leaks, and oil contamination. These can be the result of leaky seals, bearing failure, or electrical fluting. A dedicated company can provide a comprehensive analytical assessment and test to find out exactly what is wrong with a ship?s industrial gearbox and other mechanical systems to decide whether or not the parts need repair or replacement. Here are some of the tests, checks, and repairs that can and should routinely be done to address industrial gear drives repair and renewal.

Vibration analysis services

Each element within the gearbox has it?s own signature- a frequency and amplitude at which it vibrates. These sounds are analyzed to determine the extent of wear in each part. Unplanned, expensive failures can be the result of ignoring signs of component failure on the industrial gearbox. As parts reach the end of their life, vibrations get more intense and at this point it?s time to reach out to a gearbox repair specialist for shaft and bearing replacement, gearbox rebuild, or the repair and replacement of other malfunctioning pieces.

Non-destructive testing

NDT is a series of non-invasive processes that check for deterioration of surfaces and interiors with:

  • Dye Penetrate Inspection: finds cracks or flaws by applying a liquid penetrant to absorb into defects. The penetrant is later drawn out to reveal where those flaws are located.
  • Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing: the surface of the component is magnetized and iron particles are applied. The fine particles coat the surface and like tracing paper, reveal the lines that form cracks along the surface of the piece being tested.
  • X-Ray: If no surface damage shows up, an x-ray can be performed to determine which systems are not operating up to par.

  • Gearbox rebuild and repair can take up valuable time in your schedule, resulting in loss of man hours, productivity, and money. General upkeep of components is necessary to protect the longevity and functionality of your vessel. Regular dusting, lubrication, and checks for leaks or other component failure can be accomplished in-house, but gearbox repair specialists committed to providing quality work at competitive rates in the market are within reach.

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