Life Coaching Could It Change Your Life?

What is a life coach

We all face problems in life — but for some, facing those problems is harder than it might be for others. If you’ve found yourself struggling with issues like depression and anxiety, it can be easy to feel alone and desperate — you may even be isolating yourself. What makes these matters worse is feeling like nothing is working. While there is certainly validity to traditional mental health treatment, often people find that they need something extra — something complementary, rather than a replacement. Working on your mental health is one thing; working on your spiritual health is another. While a psychologist and psychiatrist can only see you for a certain amount of time and has to maintain a certain level of distance, a certified life coach can offer a more personal experience. A certified life coach can help you pursue new approaches to your mental and spiritual health, and encourage you to try new coping techniques. You can only change so much about your physical health; your spiritual health is another thing entirely. A certified life coach isn’t going to be your best friend — and therefore won’t be as biased, or risk becoming an emotional crutch. At the same time, a certified life coach isn’t as removed as a doctor, and can be someone who is there for you when you need them. Let’s look into how a personal life coach can help you — and what exactly they do.

Holistic And Complementary Medicine: What Is It?

It is important to stress that a spiritual life coach is not a doctor or a therapist — nor are they trying to replace doctors and therapists. Rather, they are working in the fields of holistic and complementary medicine, which really go hand in hand and can support more traditional forms of medicine. Essentially, holistic medicine is not just a science but an art that focuses on healing. It isn’t just about healing the body, however — holistic medicine also focuses on the mind and spirit. Essentially, holistic medicine integrates both alternative and traditional treatments to help prevent and treat both physical and mental illnesses. This isn’t something brand new — it’s estimated that about one-third of Americans have pursued some kind of alternative or complementary medicine. A life coach can also be called a holistic health coach in some situations — while certain life coaches may focus on one aspect of health more than others, many do incorporate holistic approaches into their routines.

In Treatment: What Kinds Of Treatments Do Life Coaches Offer?

Many life coaches focus on bettering the mind and spirit, and the treatments and strategies they offer surround this. For example, many life coaches encourage their clients to journal. Journaling has been known to help people relax and sleep, which in turn positively affects their mental health. One type of journal a life coach may suggest is a gratitude journal. According to a 2011 study published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well Being, gratitude journals do help people sleep. Spending jus 15 minutes writing in your gratitude journal can help you get better sleep — and more of it. Many life coaches also suggest for clients dealing with insomnia Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR. Mindfulness-Based Therapy for Insomnia, or MBTI, has shown success in reducing insomnia, and is a meditation-based strategy. Many life coaches focus on meditation in different aspects of life; meditation is not just about helping people sleep, but helping them deal with anxiety, depression, and many other issues.

Does It Really Work?: Success Rates Of Life Coaches

Some are skeptical of life coaches, questioning whether or not they really show results. Yes, life coaching really does work. When surveyed, 67.7% of life coaching clients reported a higher level of self-awareness after working with their coach, while 62.4% of life coaches reported better skill with goal-setting after working with their coaches. While this approach isn’t for everyone, with those who are committed it has shown incredible results. It could truly turn your life around for the better.


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