Fulfillment Solutions for Growing Businesses

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Fulfillment center

Since the mid to late 1990s, many companies have been searching for ways to cut costs. This was particularly true during the years following the 2007 recession. The fastest and easiest way to do that is by laying off employees and eliminating positions. At the same time, these companies had to find ways to not only maintain their current levels of production and customer service, but to improve in those areas, as well. Obviously, this can be challenging to achieve with reduced staffs.

One philosophy that is fundamental among all businesses, across all industries, is to constantly strive to improve the quality of their products and services. In order to improve in these areas, speed and efficiency are two crucial factors that come into play. While some companies can actually improve efficiency and create a

Why Were Chobani Buyers Angry? Three Examples of Bad Customer Service

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Did you know that 86% of consumers will pay more to experience better or outstanding customer service? There are many reasons why employees should treat customers with respect and courtesy. Not only does it impact a customer’s perception of brand, but it can also impact how much money they spend, and the likelihood that they will become a repeat customer.

One example of a store that provides exceptional customer experience is Direct Buy, which sells furniture, appliances and other goods to members straight from manufacturers. How exactly does Direct buy rate against other companies? Here are three funny stories about bad customer service, as well as why this would no

Are You Blending Expectation with the Unexpected? Three Tips for Restaurant Design

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Restaurant design concepts

According to Business Insider, what can make or break a restaurant today is not always the food. Often, it’s the design. Design helps set the scene for how a diner’s experience will progress. Everything from lighting to establishing visual balance becomes is important for making sure that environment matches and complements the culinary style.

If you are a chef or restaurant owner, you need to carefully consider the way bar and restaurant design can either enhance or detract from your customer’s experience. Here are three key restaurant design concepts you should try to adhere to, with the help of your restaurant designer.

1. Blending Expectation with E