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How the IRS Taxes 3 Cryptocurrency Transactions

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While statistics from the 2017 fiscal year found that 45% of all tax revenue collected in New York City was from property taxes, certain New Yorkers are finding themselves having to pay a new kind of tax. If you’ve held any amount of cryptocurrency during 2017, it’s important that you know how this affects the filing of your taxes this year. Statistics show that the state of New York had an average personal income tax rate for 2017 that ranged from anywhere between 4% to 8.82%. If you’ve been taking part in the world of cryptocurrency, this rate might have become extremely different. With that in mind, here is more information about how the IRS treats three common cryptocurrency actions.

  1. Being Paid in Cryptocurrency

    You might have found that you’ve received a large portion of your income from cryptocurrency. Considering that the value of these currencies often changes, it’s understandable what amount of write down on your tax forms. With that in mind,

How Digital Marketing Services Can Increase The Prosperity Of Your Company

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In today’s digital age, technology is everything. We live by our technology, our phones, our computers, and other devices that we feel that we would be lost without. Because of this reliance on technology, digital marketing services have become essential to the survival of any company. Digital marketing services are necessary, as much of the platform for advertising has moved to the online world.

As any company providing digital marketing services will tell you, brand management is key to the success of a brand, business, or company. And branding can be tied closely to web design in the digital age. How a website is set up may not seem that important at first glance, but it holds a considerable amount of significance. For instance, nearly half of potential customers said that they determined the credibility of a company primarily by its website and web design. If a company was lacking in a professional and easy

5 Reasons You Need the Right Promotional Packaging

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What can promotional boxes and custom promotional packaging do to promote your brand? It’s common knowledge that people are affected by packaging. In fact, 85% of surveyed shoppers say that what they read on the packaging of a product affects their decisions as they shop. But there are other great reasons to consider promotional packaging. Read on for five ways that the right promotional box is a great investment.

  • Promotional boxes make a purchase or gift special. When something comes in a cheap, generic, or inappropriate package, the whole impression of its value is lessened. When consumers see cheap packaging, they will assume the item itself is cheap, too. Great presentation packaging elevates your product.
  • Promotional boxes set the tone for your brand and create instant brand recognition. Some of the most successful companies have instantly recognizable packaging. Continue Reading No Comments

Having Safe Drinking Water Continues to be a Challenge in Some Parts of the Country

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The fact that we live in a society that is dependent upon technology means that we sometimes think that these technologies will help us get through all of the challenges that we face. The reality, however, is that there are still some problems that trace back to the most essential element in life: water. In fact, it is a well company that enables many families to get access to the safe and clean drinking water that they need. Water filtration systems may help people in the city know that they are drinking safe water, but in some parts of the country it is only through the use of a well company that families can live comfortably.
Water testing kits and the services provided by a local well company are becoming even more important as the nation continues to deal with a number of environmental issues. T