Learn More About Bobcat Final Drive Travel Motors and Final Drive Gear Maintenance

Growth within the construction industry is expected to continue. This is particularly the case for employment opportunities within the construction equipment operation industry. In 2016, for example, there were 426,000 individuals employed within this field. Between 2016 to 2016, the industry is expected to grow by 12%. Equipment sales are also expected to experience growth. In 2017 alone, global sales predictions indicated that there wold be roughly 809,000 items sold. This includes, but is not limited to, excavators and Bobcat final drive travel motors.

A Few Details on Excavators

Excavators are a vital piece of equipment within the construction industry. The type of excavator needed will depend, of course, on the specific construction project. There are three available excavator sizes:

  • Compact excavators
  • Mid-size excavators
  • Large excavators

The weight of an excavator will depend on its size and other factors. Each piece of equipment can weigh from 3,790 to 188,716 pounds. In terms of horsepower, the net can be anywhere from 14.5 to 512. There are also maximum digging depths for excavators. These tend to be roughly 32 feet.

Final Drive Gear Maintenance

In order to ensure that final drive gear are in optimal condition, regular maintenance inspections are required. The drive gear oil, for instance, needs to be checked at least once a month or every 100 hours that the final drive gear is in operation. The oil should also be changed a minimum of one time per year. In addition to checking and replacing the oil, other manufacturer recommendations for maintenance should be followed. When repairs are needed, it’s important to take care of these as soon as possible.

Contact a Specialist to Learn More

Does your company need Bobcat final drive travel motors or another type of travel motor, such as a Komatsu? Since you want to ensure that you have reliable machinery to complete your construction jobs, it makes sense to purchase high quality final drive motors. Once you speak with a specialist, you will be able to discuss your company’s project requirements and learn more about the right type of machine to complete upcoming jobs.

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