An Overview of Why It’s Important to Shred Paper Documents

If you work in an office that handles any kind of sensitive documentation, then you have likely worked with paper shredders at some point, or you know someone who does. It’s very common for offices to be equipped with high capacity paper shredders or high security paper shredders, the latter including level 6 shredders (the most secure type of shredder available). If you haven’t had to deal with shredding documents before, it might seem confusing as to why you have to consistently shred documents or subject them to level 6 shredding. This article will provide a brief overview as to why it’s so important for certain paper documents to be shredded.

  • It Helps to Prevent Identity Theft: One reason why it’s so important to shred paper documents that hold personal information is because it helps to prevent identity theft. In one year alone there were estimated to be over 16 million victims of identity fraud. Sometimes the fraud occurs when someone gets their hands on a document with personal account information. By shredding these documents, potential identity thieves are thwarted from grabbing a source of information.
  • It’s the Law in Some Cases: Another reason why it’s so important to shred paper documents is because in some cases it’s the law. In some cases, the law requires that certain documents be shredded to be considered “properly disposed of.” This is why level 6 shredding exists: this is the most severe form of shredding and it breaks documents down into pieces so small it’s been compared to dust.
  • Shredding Reduces Clutter: A third reason to shred paper documents is because it helps to reduce clutter. Think about it: even when they’re smashed up, it doesn’t take much for paper to fill up a waste basket or even a recycling bin. However, by shredding the documents before disposing of them, the amount of clutter can be severely cut down. Compared to stuffing unshredded paper into a bin, shredded paper can be disposed of in high volumes because of how little space it takes up and how compact it can be made.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why it’s so important to shred paper documents to dispose fo them. These reasons include preventing identity theft, it’s following the law in some cases, and it helps to reduce waste clutter. Th most sensitive documents can be shredded using level 6 shredding, which destroys the documents so thoroughly they can never be put together again.

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