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Remote Work Is Proving The Solution For A Better Work-Life Balance Flexible Careers For Moms

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The workplace is changing. What we know to be normal today could very well be entirely different in just a decade’s time.

More people than ever are choosing to work from home, whether they’re a part-time mother with little free time to a full-time student in need of extra income. The morning commute is slowly, but surely, becoming obsolete. Flexible careers do more than just give you a little more free time. They reroute your day from top-to-bottom, injecting independence where there was none. When you’re looking for flexible careers for moms, independent contractor is one such area you can explore.

From healthcare jobs where you can work from home to part time insurance agent positions, your options are vast. Now’s the time to learn the basics so you can enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with remote work.

Exploring The Changes Of The American Workforce

The traditional nine-to-five is fast losing its appeal. Not on

Three Things To Consider Before Working From Home

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In this day and age, flexibility is key when it comes to work, especially for moms. Mothers often have to balance their kids’ schedules with their own — and many moms can’t afford constant child care, which means that caring for their kids inevitably intersects with their work schedules. Flexible careers for mothers may seem hard to find — but in fact, there are many different options available for those who want to work from home. This can include inbound sales jobs, customer service jobs, and more; there are even healthcare jobs where you can work from home.

As is the case with any type of job, working from home can present its own particular challenges. If you decide to work from home for an insurance company, for example, you’ll need to be just as accountable for your work as any other insurance agent.

Here are 3 Jobs that Let You Work From Home Answering Phones

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People might need to work from home for various reasons. This might be because traditional jobs haven’t worked out, or there are children to keep an eye on during the day. No matter the reason, there are many people who choose to work from home instead of going to a traditional office job. Since jobs that let you work from home answering phones are becoming more and more popular, this article is going to look at three jobs that let you work from home and work with flexible hours.

  • Work From Home Telemarketing: One popular job that lets you work from home answering phones is telemarketing. Telemarketing is a basic job where you market goods or services to potential customers over the phone. This is traditionally done in a call center created for this purpose. However, more and more frequently, companies are allowing employees to do their job at home. Telemarketing from home

Independent Contractors Continue to Play an Increasingly Important Role in the Nation’s Economy

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You have always been the one who could answer any technology question. It did not matter if it was your grandfather calling for the third time in a week to ask how to get his printer to work or someone in the house who is upgrading to a new phone, you have always been the person with the answers. For this reason, it only made sense that you were a perfect fit for a work tech support from home job. Grandpa’s questions about the printers relied on your memory of the printer itself, but also benefitted from the fact that you could quickly find online resources for any printer, computer, phone, or television.
Flexible work from home job opportunities are increasingly popular in a time when young college graduates are looking for extra income to pay off student loans, as well as when 63% of Americans plan to work after retirement age. Stay at home call center representative jobs and Continue Reading No Comments