Remote Work Is Proving The Solution For A Better Work-Life Balance Flexible Careers For Moms

The workplace is changing. What we know to be normal today could very well be entirely different in just a decade’s time.

More people than ever are choosing to work from home, whether they’re a part-time mother with little free time to a full-time student in need of extra income. The morning commute is slowly, but surely, becoming obsolete. Flexible careers do more than just give you a little more free time. They reroute your day from top-to-bottom, injecting independence where there was none. When you’re looking for flexible careers for moms, independent contractor is one such area you can explore.

From healthcare jobs where you can work from home to part time insurance agent positions, your options are vast. Now’s the time to learn the basics so you can enjoy the flexibility and freedom that comes with remote work.

Exploring The Changes Of The American Workforce

The traditional nine-to-five is fast losing its appeal. Not only is it far too rigid for many of today’s lifestyles, it’s overworking Americans to a ridiculous degree. Recent studies have shown the United States is a country with an abnormally high rate of burnout — this condition causes mental and physical exhaustion that can last weeks to months at a time. Remote work, on the other hand, cuts into a lot of these frustration. It gets rid of the morning commute, saves you money, and allows you the flexibility you need.

The Steady Rise Of Remote Work And Freelancing

Is it any wonder why more workers are choosing to become an independent contractor? When they have a sick day they can just pencil it into their schedule, rather than be forced to work while feverish. They have the ability to switch their work days in response to vacation time, family time, or exercise. A recent study found nearly 65% of Americans plan to work after retirement age, much higher than it used to be. With independent contractor work from home, this could actually be a viable choice.

Picking Up Freelance Taxes To Prepare

An important part of becoming an independent contractor means learning more about your taxes. Since you don’t receive a traditional tax form from your employer, you need to become comfortable with filling out freelance taxes. This means tracking all your deductions to reduce your financial obligation, paying quarterly (if you owe more than $1,000 in taxes), and shaving between 25% to 40% off each check you receive. It’s a lot to remember, but the boost in free time is more than worth the switch. This goes for customer service jobs and this goes for freelance writing.

Enjoying Increased Health Benefits With Independence

This can’t be stressed enough. Flexible careers for moms provide just the right amount of financial reliability and personal independence you need to live your best life. Raising a child is hard enough on its own without adding rigid schedules, stressful work, and a lack of sick leave to the mix. The improved work-life balance remains the top reason why many today are making the switch to becoming an independent contractor. Before demand gets too high, consider thinking about which flexible careers for moms suit you best.

Popular Flexible Careers For Moms

Are you a skilled writer with a keen eye for wordplay, tone, and perspective? Do you have years of past experience working with customer frustrations? A recent study found up to 60% of Americans will actively perform online research about the products and services they are considering purchasing — businesses today have learned to focus on phone, e-mail, and online knowledge bases. You can fill in this gap by applying to work from home answering phones. There are also medical jobs where you can work from home.

Many things you can do at an office…you can do at home. It’s time to stop juggling a thousand obligations and free yourself up with remote work.

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