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General Services Administration and Security Schedules for All Programs

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The General Services Administration (GSA) provides a security schedule that includes more than 100 subcategories, known as Special Item Numbers (SINs). With many different operational solutions, there are schedules available for the security of the automotive industry. At all times of the year, the production and sales of all cars can be managed closely with these schedules and the details involved.

Various Schedules

So many different types of schedules work for the automotive industry at all levels, and the GSA is here to help make sure that everything is managed safely. Helping to manage government funding as well as maintain certain securities for both national and international auto brands. Additionally, there are more than just the consumer automotive, but also the equipment and accessories that are needed for defense contractors as well as all of our other government agencies. Some of the different schedules managed by the GSA include:

  • GSA 23V

A Brief Overview of Data Breaches and Identity Theft

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Data theft is a significant concern for individual citizens, businesses, government entities, and other types of enterprises. The Federal Trade Commission, for example, indicated that one out of 33 people may have their identity stolen within the next year. What follows are a few details about identity and other types of data theft.

A Brief Overview of Identity Theft

Every year, identity theft, which is considered to be the fastest-growing crime in the United States, amounts to a $50-billion industry. Unfortunately, this industry continues to expand in scope. Contrary to what many people may believe, almost 90% of these thefts occur when criminals have access to print rather than online information.

Given the total number of cases reported, the most common form of identity theft is government documents and benefits fraud, per the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. This type of fraud comprises 34% of the total amount of cases. From 2015 to 2016, for instanc

5 Popular Trends of Packaging for Tea, Coffee and Chocolate

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In the business world, there are several keys to success. One main element that is essential to creating a successful product in the business world centers around packaging. Here are 5 popular tips for designing the kind of packaging that consumers will respond to in a positive way.

Design Originality>
Launching a new product, or reintroducing an existing one, is helped immeasurably by clever, eye-catching, consumer-friendly packaging. In fact, it has been reported that consumer interest went up by 30% in businesses that are meticulous and pay attention to the packaging of their products. An original design concept is a great asset.

Custom Packaging Design>
Custom labels in packaging for tea, coffee and chocolate, for example, add interest for consumers as they make their product choices. Packaging design is extremely important in any consumer field, but particularly one where there is a lot of name branding. Custom labels and packaging for tea or cof

Taking A Closer Look Behind The Rise Of Trucking In Canada

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In many parts of the world, the transportation industry has been on the rise. Canada is most certainly no exception. From the transport of goods throughout the country itself to trade with the United States, the transportation industry of Canada, primarily when it comes to trucking, has needed to grow significantly in recent years just in order to keep up with the demand that has been placed on it. And with the growth of this industry, the use of tools like reverse logistics services and warehousing and distribution services and commercial logistics software has become necessary for many trucking companies and many transportation companies throughout the country.

The need for reverse logistics services and the like can be seen particularly clearly when we look at the demand for trade between the United States and Canada. Unlike with other countries, trade between these two nations can be done via truck, as the two countries share a border – one that is quite extensive, at that. In