General Services Administration and Security Schedules for All Programs

The General Services Administration (GSA) provides a security schedule that includes more than 100 subcategories, known as Special Item Numbers (SINs). With many different operational solutions, there are schedules available for the security of the automotive industry. At all times of the year, the production and sales of all cars can be managed closely with these schedules and the details involved.

Various Schedules

So many different types of schedules work for the automotive industry at all levels, and the GSA is here to help make sure that everything is managed safely. Helping to manage government funding as well as maintain certain securities for both national and international auto brands. Additionally, there are more than just the consumer automotive, but also the equipment and accessories that are needed for defense contractors as well as all of our other government agencies. Some of the different schedules managed by the GSA include:

  • GSA 23V
  • GSA 56<.li>
  • GSA 78
  • GSA 84
  • GSA multiple award schedule

With schedules for standard daily items like fedmail and other services, there is much to be gained. Scheduling can help determine all government contract to remain steady and sufficient throughout an entire year.

Many Additional Federal Agencies

National federal agencies are important to the development of the nation, with the benefit of the GSA. With the American military deployed in so many international locations, there is much to gain from the schedule of essential equipment and contracts to help make sure that all security needs are met. Schedules help for the production and shipping essential equipment as well. There is much to meet the needs of equipment government contracts, including any of these:

  • Special operational equipment
  • Tactical equipment
  • Weapon components
  • Firearm optics
  • Government contracts in addition to determinations for automotive equipment and accessories, especially in those that are best for specific locations, makes, and models. There are other government agencies that require scheduling similar to the GSA 23V, even though they are not necessarily part of the federal government. Some of these state and local agencies include fire and emergency services equipment, organizational clothing and individual equipment, and tailored logistics support programs. Many of these are part of cities and states while still gaining a certain amount of funding from federal agencies like the GSA.