5 Popular Trends of Packaging for Tea, Coffee and Chocolate

In the business world, there are several keys to success. One main element that is essential to creating a successful product in the business world centers around packaging. Here are 5 popular tips for designing the kind of packaging that consumers will respond to in a positive way.

Design Originality>
Launching a new product, or reintroducing an existing one, is helped immeasurably by clever, eye-catching, consumer-friendly packaging. In fact, it has been reported that consumer interest went up by 30% in businesses that are meticulous and pay attention to the packaging of their products. An original design concept is a great asset.

Custom Packaging Design>
Custom labels in packaging for tea, coffee and chocolate, for example, add interest for consumers as they make their product choices. Packaging design is extremely important in any consumer field, but particularly one where there is a lot of name branding. Custom labels and packaging for tea or coffee, for example, convey a more personal,and a less mass-produced, tone.

Design Visibility>
Packaging of grocery items is an area of intense competition for visibility, due to their size. Consider the packaging for tea or a pound of coffee, for instance. These are not large items. And as a result they are densely loaded on shelves. This is also true on websites, where images can be loaded very close together. Visual clutter can propel a customer into overload, deterring them from making a purchase. A clean, fresh design may stand out from the other designs and be more attractive to consumers.

Informative Packaging Design>
Product labels are of the utmost importance, with consumers reading the information labels carefully. In fact, while they are shopping, 85% of consumers have reported that they make their decision to buy an item based on reading the product information that is on the package. Labeling that is attractive, informative and easy to read is a real plus for a successful packaging design.

Innovative Packaging Design>
This is an interesting design area that is particularly relevant to packaging for tea and for coffee. We have all seen the newer concept of bags that have been designed and are being used in custom coffee stores and outlets. Usually they stand up, roll closed from the top, downwards and have a valve in the front of the bag. This type of bag is also great for other items such as dog food packaging, chocolate candy bags and spice packaging. This design makes it easy to use the product that you bought, and it keeps the product fresh.

To sum up, packaging design is a challenging, creative and exciting field. In particular, the challenge behind designing packaging for tea or coffee is twofold. First, the packaging must be eye-catching, informative and attractive. Second, the packaging needs to be designed to ensure the freshness of the product. Investing in a good package design will help get your product into your consumers’ hands. At the same time, it will also hopefully increase your sales, your profits and your success.

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