What to look for in a trade show display company

tradeshowdisplaycompanies5As the years go on, trade shows are becoming more popular. There are hundreds of trade shows held each year and of the 200 largest, Las Vegas, Chicago and Orlando are home to just about half of them. Seeing as how the average visitor of a trade show exhibit spends 9 hours or more viewing exhibits, creating stimulating visuals is key. With these visuals come guidelines that trade show display companies must comply with in order to participate in these shows. Here are some factors you may not know that are needed to make successful exhibit graphics:

Booth Types 

  • Linear or standard booths are typically 10 foot by 10 foot and can also be taken down on one side to create commonly used corner booths. They are also often referred to as inline booths because their arrangement is typical to that of a line and with displays having neighbors on either side.
  • Premier booths are also linear but do not have neighbors behind them as they are back against the wall of the venue. They follow the same guidelines as linear booths with the exception of the back, which is taller. It can be up to 12 feet in height.
  • Island booths are different from linear and premier in that they are usually 20 feet by 20 feet or sometimes larger and are vulnerable to aisles on each of its sides. Trade show display companies have more freedom to create custom exhibit displays since island booths come in different sizes. Island booths have the option of using the entire allotted amount of space, which can sometimes reach up to 20 feet and be as low as 16. This includes visuals like signs.


  • Graphics should have a suggested maximum of three different colors. The goal is to minimize confusion with lots of varying colors and allow the audience to comprehend the message faster.
  • Long-range graphics should be displayed as tall as possible yet stay within guidelines.
  • Medium-range graphics are recommended to be just above where the eye can easily catch it, which is about six to eight feet.
  • Short-range graphics are only five to six feet high and cannot be raised any further.
  • It is highly recommended to have graphics leave 40% of the exhibit space blank. This is to align with the idea that your message is most important and getting an audience to retain that says more than any added extras.

Simplicity is not overrated in the trade show industry. Not only is it important for trade show display companies to know this, but to create custom exhibit booths that get connect the audience with vendors in the easiest, yet calculated way possible. With the right company, any dream can become a reality.

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