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  • 3 Reasons Business Owners Should Repave Their Parking Lot

    Businesses have a lot of important maintenance tasks to keep up with. But one that often gets put on the back burner is repaving the parking lot. The parking lot is an important aspect of any business. After all, customers need to be able to get to the building before they can actually make a […]

  • Three Essential Elements of Asset Integrity Management

    With the intent of saving money and increasing profits, many process facilities have begun the practice of operating assets beyond original designated design limits and lifespans. Rather than investing in advanced integrity and reliability programs to mitigate risk and optimize asset functionality and availability, facilities continue operating with degraded equipment. For example, the U.S. Environmental […]

  • Teflon, Well-Known for Protecting Your Pans, has Many Other Uses

    When you think of Teflon, you probably think of non-stick cooking pans. Teflon coatings on pans do wonders at preventing food from sticking while cooking, and they also help protect the pans and extend their useful life. Pans with Teflon coatings last about seven times longer than pans without the coatings. That’s a good thing, […]

  • Top 4 Things to Know About Home Brewing and Magnetic Drive Pump Manufacturers

    It’s often been said that milk does the body good, but several nutritional and scientific studies have proven the exact opposite. In fact, pasteurized, homogenized, factory farm milk does far more harm than good to the body, and can contribute to a variety of health issues, some of which can be chronic. Surprisingly, beer can […]