Teflon, Well-Known for Protecting Your Pans, has Many Other Uses

When you think of Teflon, you probably think of non-stick cooking pans. Teflon coatings on pans do wonders at preventing food from sticking while cooking, and they also help protect the pans and extend their useful life. Pans with Teflon coatings last about seven times longer than pans without the coatings. That’s a good thing, considering Teflon coatings on cookware also are almost ubiquitous, with about 90% of all the cookware sold having a Teflon coating. Teflon has other uses as well. It and similar substances are used in many manufacturing and other industrial settings.

Teflon coatings, also known as ptfe coatings, are popular in industrial settings for a number of reason. One of the biggest is that industrial teflon coatings are very good at withstanding both heat and cold. Many industrial Teflon coatings can withstand temperatures as low as minus 454 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes them a good choice for certain kinds of products and materials. More importantly, industrial Teflon coatings can withstand high heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit without any loss of operation. That makes them ideal for steel tanks and other objects that can be exposed to high levels of heat.

One of the reasons Teflon coatings work so well in industrial settings is that they reduce friction. Not only does that help against high temperatures, but less friction also can mean less wear and tear on machinery used in industrial processes.

The Teflon coating process does add some time and money to the process of manufacturing, but it can be well worth it with the extra advantages that Teflon provides. It usually takes about two to three coats to cover whatever surface you are using, and you can use a process of PTFE spray coating or powder coating. With the powder coating option, you can do a dry lubricant variant that will offer even more protection against high heat and pressure in your industrial process.

With all of its advantages, it’s no wonder Teflon is becoming more and more popular as a coating in industrial settings. In 2017, it is expected that Teflon production will surpass 240,000 tons, which is a very high number.

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