Various Ways Used Clothing Donations Can Assist Those in Need

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Many folks have unneeded clothing that sits in their closets, and they have no further use for. They may be unsure of what to do with their items, and wonder what is the best way to dispose of them. Americans dump over 10 tons of clothing every year in landfills around the country. Surely there is a better way when it comes to getting rid of clothing items that are no longer needed, right? Although most people are unaware, there are ways that they can ensure they are helping families in need that are local to the area, thanks to used clothing donations. Here are a few ways that clothing donations changes lives for those in the community through direct and indirect donations.

Used Clothing Donations Can Help Those in Need Directly

When making donations of clothing, it is important to consider who can benefit from them. Clothing from all family members, from adults to children and babies can be donated, and go directly to those who need it. Direct donations are distributed to individuals who have contacted a charity and shown that they need the assistance. Over 40% of clothing that is recycled is used as second-hand clothing. By giving items that are no longer needed, individuals can ensure that their items are given a second life, and used to help someone who is trying to get back on their feet, but needs a little bit of assistance in the meantime.

Clothing Can Indirectly Help Through Secondhand Stores

Sometimes clothing donations do not go directly to people in need-but they are still able to benefit from them. The individuals who choose to donate to nonprofit organizations will allow the organizations to sell the items for a profit. From the profit, they can turn these into sales that benefit certain programs. For example, 30% of sales within a given month may go toward a food program for a non-profit organization. This can go a long way in making a difference in a person?s life, by giving them the opportunity to have things that were previously not available. In many areas, food programs, benefits for electricity, and other help may be hard to come by. Having programs that focus on helping people through ways other than clothing and household goods can make a difference in their lives.

Donations Can Be Collected For Neighbors in Need

Used clothing donations can be collected for neighbors in need. If individuals know of someone in their neighborhood, church, or school, they can help them by giving them clothing donations, or even donations for household items that are used, but in good condition. Although people can seek out ways to give that involve local donations, such as a scout troop collecting coats for those in need, it can also take the form of simply collecting things that a neighbor needs, and simple giving it to them, or leaving it at their house for them. Over 40% of people who make a point to donate usually do so more during the holidays Collecting donations during these off times can be important, so that individuals do not run out of the things they may need.

Donations are important to those in need, and there are various ways that used clothing donations can benefit those in need. They can be donated to a charity, which turns around and gives it directly to those who are in need. Charities can also sell items at their thrift stores, and then use a percentage of the money that comes in to benefit individuals who need through various programs, like food or electrical assistance. Individuals can also collect used clothing donations and give it directly to their neighbor or someone in need. No matter what a person needs, there are various ways that they can find assistance that will help them transition from point A to point B, and allow them to stay stable until they can stand safely on their own.

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