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  • Various Ways Used Clothing Donations Can Assist Those in Need

    Many folks have unneeded clothing that sits in their closets, and they have no further use for. They may be unsure of what to do with their items, and wonder what is the best way to dispose of them. Americans dump over 10 tons of clothing every year in landfills around the country. Surely there […]

  • Ways You Can Help Your Local Charity

    There are many nonprofit charitable organizations that rely solely on donations. Companies such as those helping disabled veterans were established in order to assist those who were disabled fighting in war. Their main purpose is to provide them with things they need, such as shelter, food, clothing, and money. Without donations and volunteers, charitable organizations […]

  • 3 Reasons You Should Donate Your Clothing

    It’s spring and you know what that means — time to pull out that spring cleaning checklist! For many people, spring cleaning entails the usual chores, such as cleaning out the pantry, reorganizing the garage, and power washing the patio furniture. However, too few people realize that a bulk of spring cleaning needs to be […]