Category: Retail packaging design

  • 6 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Your Boxes

    Everything you send out from your business needs to reinforce your brand. All of your materials need to have the same message. From your online presence, to your stationary, printed materials and shipping containers, your brand must be at the heart of all of it. Custom branded packaging should be carefully thought out. The design […]

  • The Top 3 Things Business Owners Should Keep in Mind When it Come to Designing Custom Mailer Boxes

    Everyone knows that they shouldn’t judge a book or a product by its cover, but everyone still does it anyway. After all consumers are inherently highly visual, a trait passed down long ago by ancient hunter-gatherer ancestors, so it’s exceedingly difficult not to judge a product based on its packaging. But fear not! Business owners […]

  • Labels Are Easily Recognized

    Companies that get a custom packaging design are going to be able to get their logo out to people and they will better utilize different marketing strategies. Companies that handle packaging designs will be able to assist business owners in creating labels that business owners can use for many different aspects of their jobs. When […]