6 Ways to Promote Your Brand with Your Boxes

Custom packaging boxes

Everything you send out from your business needs to reinforce your brand. All of your materials need to have the same message. From your online presence, to your stationary, printed materials and shipping containers, your brand must be at the heart of all of it. Custom branded packaging should be carefully thought out. The design goes past the custom logo boxes but you need to consider the environmental impact of your packaging and how you can make your customized shipping boxes stand out. Here are some tips to get the right look and feel of your packaging.

  1. Do not rush into anything. Your box will be the first thing your customers will see when they order something from you. They say that “you only have one time to make a first impression.” This idea should be kept in consideration when you are designing your custom logo boxes. Before you work on a demo box, spend the time you need to spend working on the design with a design application. Make sure you do not rush the firm you have working on your boxes.
  2. Look at minimalist designs. More and more people are concerned with the environmental impact of the packaging of the items they buy. You can design your custom logo boxes to allow you to send your items out using the smallest amount of materials. Look at how Apple shops its products. That is a good model of a company that sends out very fragile goods and still manages to use the smallest amount of materials.
  3. Simplicity if your friend. You do not want super busy custom logo boxes. You want something that is unmistakably yours. Think about the Amazon boxes. They have had the same design for years and the only thing on their boxes is that smile, which is what most people do when they see those boxes on their door stoop. You never want your customized packaging to yell at your customers. You can have classy, elegant and sleek packaging that is neither boring nor annoying.
  4. Always have more than one person look at the design of your boxes. It is easy for one person to get so caught up in their product that they lose sight of what other people might think of their design. It is almost like they are drinking their own Kool Aid. When you are working on the design of your custom logo boxes, make sure you have other people give you their input. You may think that the colors and patterns you put together are perfect but this is exactly when you need to have a second set of eyes check it out.
  5. Work out the dimensions. When you are working on your branded boxes and packaging, you need to always have the size and shape of the products you produce in mind. The last thing you need is to create a design and then find that it does not work with what you sell.
  6. Consider the thickness of your custom logo boxes. It is easy to overlook the thickness of the cardboard you use. Look at how fragile your products are and how much protection they need. At the end of the day, you can have the best looking custom product packaging but it will not matter if your products arrive at your customers’ homes broken. It would be better to send your products in a plain, brown box than to have your items arrive in an unusable state.

Your packaging makes a big impression. Because people are so aware of how much material we go through and how that impacts the environment, you may want to let them know just how environmentally friendly cardboard is. Here are several facts that you might want to have printed on your packaging:

  • Cardboard can be and is recycled. In the United States, at least 91% of all containerboard that was produced was then recovered and recycled.
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes have a low environmental impact in terms of acidification, non-renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Recycled corrugated cardboard boxes have 46% recycled cardboard.
  • Nine cubic yards of landfill space is saved by every one ton of recycled cardboard.

You can get the right look of your custom logo boxes with some work.

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