An Interview with First Class Commercial Cleaning Service

First Class Commercial Cleaning Service has been in business for 20 years in one of the world’s most competitive cleaning service markets, New York City. We sat down with the company’s owner, Vincent Brown, to talk about his experience.

Mr. Brown, would you mind sharing with us a little about First Class Commercial Cleaning Service?

First Class Commercial Cleaning Service is a fully bonded and insured NYC commercial cleaning services company that has been providing commercial and residential cleaning services in the New York City area for the past 20 years. Our services include office cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, wood floor refinishing, floor waxing, and handyman service. During the winter season, we also have a team of people who can assist with snow removal. While commercial cleaning is in our name, we also have team members who are experts in residential cleaning. Our clients trust us because we are committed to providing superior building maintenance while implementing the highest standards of integrity, quality and customer service.
That must be a very competitive field in New York. How do you make your company stand out?
Commercial cleaning is an intensely competitive industry in New York City. We differentiate ourselves by providing superior cleaning services while being accessible to customers when their needs change.
Customer service certainly is an important area. What do you do to address that part of your business?
I focus primarily on developing new customer relationships and making sure that current customers are happy with our service.
That sounds like a great way to maintain your current client base. What do you do to attract new customers?
We re-launched our website two years ago and started focusing on getting more leads from Google. We started getting more business from Google and ended up canceling our Yellow Pages placements.
To learn more about First Class Commercial Cleaning Service, visit, or call (718) 531-2755.

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