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Five Benefits Of Hydroseeding Your Lawn

Written by Fred on . Posted in Dewatering, Floc log, Hydrograss technologies

Are you looking for something to create a solid foundation for a lawn or a garden on your property? Are you looking for something to smooth out the uneven areas of your front yard or backyard? Are you look for something to help control erosion on your property?

If the answers to any of those questions was yes, hydro grass seed may be the answer you’re looking for. What is hydro grass you ask? It’s the machine application of a seed, mulch and water mixture that can help restore your lawn to greatness. Obviously, seed growth of any kind depends on the right combination of sun exposure, moisture and fertilizer. The application of hydro grass seed requires a homeowner to monitor it, but there are many benefits of hydro grass seed, especially for erosion control:

  • It’s faster: As previously mentioned, hydro grass seed is made with a process of combining seed, fertilizer, mulch and heavy soil amendments, which are mixed with water to form a sort of slurry. When y