Five Benefits Of Hydroseeding Your Lawn

Are you looking for something to create a solid foundation for a lawn or a garden on your property? Are you looking for something to smooth out the uneven areas of your front yard or backyard? Are you look for something to help control erosion on your property?

If the answers to any of those questions was yes, hydro grass seed may be the answer you’re looking for. What is hydro grass you ask? It’s the machine application of a seed, mulch and water mixture that can help restore your lawn to greatness. Obviously, seed growth of any kind depends on the right combination of sun exposure, moisture and fertilizer. The application of hydro grass seed requires a homeowner to monitor it, but there are many benefits of hydro grass seed, especially for erosion control:

  • It’s faster: As previously mentioned, hydro grass seed is made with a process of combining seed, fertilizer, mulch and heavy soil amendments, which are mixed with water to form a sort of slurry. When you spray that slurry in your yard, it’s very, very efficient and can be as much as 50% faster than conventional seeding techniques. When the slurry is sprayed, it instantly bonds to the soil in your hard, giving the sprayed area a sort of stabilizer to help the hydro grass seeds to their thing.
  • It’s versatile: Compared with traditional seeding methods, hydroseeding works with any kind of seeds that you’re looking to plant. Hydrograss is one of the most popular choices for this method of seeding, but it can also be done with general field mixes or for wildflowers. Depending on what your landscaping needs are (especially if you’ve got a bigger area you’re working with), you can also create customized mixes. Another benefit of this method is that because it’s a recent development, there are innovations being made to hydroseeding all the time.
  • It’s safe: Whether you’re spreading hydro grass or doing some other kind of hydroseeding, it’s one of the safest methods out there. The slurry used in hydroseeding is non-toxic, meaning that you won’t be harming your property and you won’t harm any wild animals or pets that roam your hard. It’s also safe if you’ve got children too.
  • It’s efficient: Since hydroseeding is so efficient and combines with soil so quickly, it eliminates a lot of the stress, mess and time spent using conventional methods. Think about times where you or landscapers you may have hired covered seeds with some kind of material to keep the birds away. With hydroseeding, there’s no need to worry about that. Hydrograss spread via hydroseeding can grow within seven days, which means if you’re spreading seeds for a new lawn, it should be established within three or four weeks.
  • It’s cost effective: As if the benefits of hydroseeding mentioned above weren’t enough, it’s also incredibly cost-effective. Think about all the material you need to buy if you’re going to sod your yard. There’s mulch, fertilizer, labor fees (if you don’t do it yourself) and much more. Add all up, you’ll be paying a big chunk of change in a hurry. On the flip side, hydro grass and other materials spread via hydroseeding are easy to install and cost about a quarter of the price of traditional sod. You’ll save time and money because it’s easy and quicker to install, which means you’ll save money in the long run and deal with much less hassle.

If you’re tired of wasting time, materials and money on traditional seeding methods trying to bring your lawn back to life, hydroseeding can be just what the doctor ordered. There are many advtantages of hydroseeding: it’s cost-effective, incredibly efficient, extremely versatile, safe and amazingly fast. It removes the hassle and frustration of trying to seed your lawn and instead leaves it looking lush and green like you’re wanting it to be. Whether you’re doing it yourself or you hire hydroseed contractors to help, hydrograss technologies can make maintaining your yard so much easier.

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