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Taking A Look At The Importance Of Plastic In Our World As We Know It

Written by Fred on . Posted in Cosmetic jars, Plastic handleware, Plastic water bottle manufacturers

From the custom plastic bottle maker to the gallon plastic jugs, the process of plastic manufacturing – and the distribution of said plastic – is not only important here in the United States but in all parts of the world as well. And the plastics industry itself is thriving, as is more than backed up by the data that has recently been gathered on the subject. In fact, the industry of plastics alone provides up to three hundred and seventy five billion dollars to the economy on a yearly basis, in a period of a mere twelve months, if that.

And job creation in the world of plastic manufacturing is also nothing if not impressive, with currently more than one million people employed in the industry all throughout the United States. This is nothing more than a necessity, as this country represents the third largest country for the manufacturing of plastic in the entirety of the world. In the year of 2013 alone, for instance, more than one hundred and seven billion pounds of plastic and