How Winter Temperatures Will Make Your Business’ Brightly-Lit Signs Go Dark

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Led business signs

When driving around this winter, you might notice many illuminated outdoor business signs that are anything but.

That’s because when the temperatures drop, the neon and fluorescent-lit signs that adorn many business’ facades will go out. If it’s just one or two letters in the business’ name, the sign’s appearance will likely make potential customers scoff, not want to shop there.

How does the weather affect whether a sign works or not? In neon signs, low temperatures cause the gases inside them to break down, which means they no longer produce light like they should, or the glass tubes can shatter due to drastic temperature fluctuations, according to a November 18 St. Cloud Times article. Low temperatures also take a toll on fluorescent lighting by weakening the electronic ballasts that con

Three Things Printing and Mailing Services Can Do for Small Business That Online Advertising Can’t Always Do

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Social media services

Today’s advertising has turned away from print media in favor of great website design, small business SEO, and social media marketing. While these strategies work well for independently owned businesses around the country, they don’t always provide the personal touch of print advertising.

Print advertising companies do more than just come up with a catchy slogan or great logo — they also provide printing and mailing services for your direct mail campaigns, newsletters, printed brochures, business cards, and more. Here are just a few of the advantages that a business could see when using a printing and mailing servic

Increase Parking Lot Safety With These Three Easy Steps

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Outdoor post clocks

One of a business owners biggest priorities should be the safety of her employees and customers. An area that sees a high-risk of robberies, assaults, and abductions is a parking lot, and every business has one. Parking lots can be dangerous, especially at night when fewer people are about and there is less visibility. There are a few easy things that a business owner can do to increase the safety in a parking lot: install cameras and street light posts, and hire security personnel.

1. Install Security Cameras
Installing security cameras should be one of the first steps in increasing parking lot safety. This not only benefits the people who work at and frequent the business, but it can actually protect the property and the merchandise at the business as well. The presence of cameras a

Steel for Material for Coolant Tank Collapses at Fukushima Plant, Injuring Workers

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Field erected tanks

Cleanup efforts Japan’s nuclear power plant at Fukushima have had a tough time following 2011’s Fukushima Daiishi nuclear disaster — and the earthquake-rattled plant’s woes continued when workers became injured after a 13-meter-high piece of steel fell on them during a coolant storage tank construction.

According to a November 7 RT article, the steel storage tanks‘ collapse knocked one worker unconscious and left him in critical condition requiring him to be flown to the hospital by helicopter.

The second worker involved in the above ground storage tank collapse had his leg broken, while the third worker’s injuries were more minor, RT reports.

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