Modern Business Trends Getting Eco-Friendly With Mobile Office Containers

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Business is a flexible, ever-changing element. Why not have where you conduct business be the same? When you don’t have the time to wait for a static building to be crafted and you need something that can reflect the hustle and bustle of your industry, there’s one option that’s been helping countless fields in great fashion. New storage containers for sale do the dual work of offering managers and workers alike a nifty and clean place to conduct business, reduce environmental strain and even contribute to a new and growing green movement.

What Are Shipping Containers Used For?

Believe it or not, shipping is only one of many uses that can come out of used storage containers for sale. Many companies like to use them as portable offices, allowing them to conduct business on-the-go, while entrepreneurs can use them as studio space or portable concession stands. As of now? There are well over 17 million shipping containers currently in circulation around the globe, according to Billie Box, with the number of active shipping crates reaching around five million.

What Are Cargo Container Modifications?

It’s not enough to just buy new storage containers for sale. You need to fill them up with all sorts of useful amenities and modifications to ensure they’re comfortable enough to work in. There are many ways to customize your steel cargo container, from adding doors and skylights to filling it with appealing furniture, carpet and lamps. A standard TEU container is able to hold up to 3,500 shoe boxes, while a cube that’s 40 feet high can hold more than 8,000.

How Long Do Shipping Crates Last?

Not only are shipping crates portable and flexible, they can last a very long time. While nearly 675 shipping containers are lost at sea on a yearly basis, this is more due to simple human error than their lack of durability. Shipping containers taken care of with regular maintenance (from cleaning to updating as necessary), they can last for an impressive total of 20 years thanks to studies provided by the Container Auction. For those that don’t make the cut? Just look to the recycling industry.

How Are Portable Office Containers A Green Choice?

The vast majority of shipping containers are made out of recyclable materials. For each recycled shipping container nearly 3,500 kg worth of steel is being used. Even better? Using recycled steel means lowering the need for more energy-consuming materials such as bricks and wood, which can be circumvented entirely in most cases. Long-lasting, flexible and very environmentally friendly. That’s more than enough reason to start converting your brand into one that embraces the wealth of potential a steel cargo container has to offer.

Where Do I Get Started With My Mobile Office?

When you’re ready to have it all, new storage containers for sale are waiting for you just around the corner. They’re a useful addition to any business size or scope, allowing you and your employees to conduct business on-the-go without sacrificing the quality needed to work comfortably. Studies provided by the University Of California at Irvine involving both IT and accounting workers found productivity increased by smaller spaces due to the reduced amount of distractions. Not bad at all! Give a portable office a try and feel the benefits mere days or entire years from now.

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