The Importance Of Customer Service In Today’s World

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Phones have become synonymous with daily life for the vast majority of people here in the United States, especially smart phones. On a smart phone, you can do just about anything. You can make phone calls, of course, but you can also text people, you can send emails for both work reasons and personal reasons, and you can even browse the Internet (likely looking at your various social media accounts). Some people even read books or watch movies on their phones as well. In fact, cell phones and smart phones have become so widespread and prevalent that more than ninety percent of all people here in the United States will actually have their phone within arm’s reach at just about every single hour of the day.

Because of the widespread usage of phones, on call after hours answering services have become more important than ever before, as have all answering services and customer service aspects of any given business. In the age of the cell phone, of the smart phone, customer service rep

For the real estate agent who’s looking to expand their business and sell more houses

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Are you a real estate owner looking to get ahead on your business and pull in more clients? Do you have trouble maintaining the market and keeping up with everything new? Offer your clients more and assure them that you are right on top of the game by using real estate CMA software to provide them with the top resources all while keeping yourself on top of the game. Using CMA software you’ll be able to show your clients everything they need to know about the homes for sale in their area while providing them with the best and most important facts for their potential new homes. Considering that over the next decade they say that there will be an 80% residential growth in suburban areas and communities it’s never too early to start accounting for these major growth changes that are on their way today.

What is CMA software for realtors?

CMA tools provide you with market analysis. In fact, with the comp

3 Reasons Business Owners Should Repave Their Parking Lot

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Businesses have a lot of important maintenance tasks to keep up with. But one that often gets put on the back burner is repaving the parking lot. The parking lot is an important aspect of any business. After all, customers need to be able to get to the building before they can actually make a purchase. So why should businesses invest in pavement services? Let’s look at a few benefits repaving can offer.


Avoid damage to vehicles: One of the main reasons to invest in pavement services is to ensure any vehicles driving in the parking lot are not harmed. According to the Road Information Program, a road with poor conditions cost drivers an estimated $400 annually for each vehicle. So if customers and staff are driving in a parking lot with potholes and damage, they could risk causing harm to their vehicle. Hiring an asphalt company to repave the parking lot can reduce the risk of damage and, in turn, the risk of angry customers and staff regarding property damage.


Improve the company image: While appearance certainly isn’t everything, it does play a big role in attracting and keeping customers. When customers drive by your business and see an unkempt, damaged parking lot, they probably won’t think very highly of the business. A smoothly sealed parking lot makes your company look good and will encourage customers to come in. Furthermore, a nice parking lot can increase your property value too.


Keep customers happy: When customers go to a business that offers updated facilities and has a well-kept exterior, they’re going to be more satisfied. They won’t have to maneuver around potholes, risk damage to their vehicle, or jump over flooded holes on their way in. A good customer experience really starts before the customer even enters the building. So by investing in concrete maintenance services, businesses can ensure their customers are happy before they even enter the door.


Repaving the parking lot can offer businesses endless benefits, like increased customer satisfaction and an improved company image. So if your parking lot is cracked and full of potholes, consider investing in pavement services today.

3 Reasons to Start Using Spray Foam Insulation

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Throughout the United States, energy consumption is constantly taking place. Statistics gathered from 2016 found that the United States was the second largest consumer of energy throughout the world. Considering that, these large amounts of energy usage can create quite costly heating and cooling bills. Therefore, many property owners are looking for an effective way to reduce energy consumption. With that in mind, here are three important advantages of utilizing spray foam insulation.

  1. Great for Insulating Awkward Spaces

    Statistics gathered from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Program reports that insulating and sealing air leaks can reduce energy costs by up to 20%. Unfortunately, air leaks can occur almost anywhere in a building. Considering that, it’s important to have a way to insulate these spaces. That being said, some spaces are harder to access than others. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to use spray foam insulation for these jo