What You Need to Know About Heat Exchangers

You’d be surprised by the role that heat exchangers play in our lives, especially if you are not familiar with them and you are unsure of what they actually do. To understand how these products work, we first have to understand what they are. A brazed plate heat exchanger works to transfer heat from one system to another. Heat exchangers essentially “lift” the heat from many products that we see in our modern days such as car radiators, jet engines, x-ray tubes, and even military equipment that you might be familiar with if you were in the service. Advantage engineering has been making a variety of shell and tube heat exchangers as well as brazed plate heat exchangers that we use for many purposes and would feel lost without if we didn’t have them for many mechanical uses.

The Market of Heat Exchangers is Growing

Now that you know how heat exchangers work, you are probably curious as to how the market is growing and why. Because almost all types of mechanical shops and aspects involve the use of heat exchangers, we have a dire need for these products to keep our manufacturing and transportation methods always-growing. By 2021, the market for heat exchangers is supposed to reach over $19 billion and is only going to grow further and further. In 2017, heat exchanger manufacturing ranged around 7 billion US dollars, which means that the sales and markets for these types of products is only growing.

One aspect that many individuals enjoy pertaining to heat exchangers is that they come in three types including parallel-flow, cross-flow, and shell-and-tube. When it comes to parallel flow, both the tube and the side fluid flow in the same direction, which causes two fluids to enter the heat exchanger from the same end with two large temperature differences. In cross flow systems, one fluid goes through the tubes and a second fluid flows through the tube in a perpendicular direction. These methods are used for a variety of different products that will suit your needs.

Whether you are looking for a brazed plate heat exchanger or another type of exchanger, you are covered when you choose Advantage for your needs. With the best products for your heat exchanger needs, you will ensure that quality is used in every product.

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