How To Keep Your Food Cold And Safe With The Right Packaging Options

Written by Fred on . Posted in Made in usa clamshells, Thermoformed packaging, Utility box plastic

Small clamshell packaging

Packaging is in everything we do. We use it when going fishing, keeping our catch safe and cold until we can eat it for dinner. We use it to give our children something to snack on while they’re out for soccer practice. We even use it to safely and discreetly store dangerous objects such as ammo or powder. In a short, a tamper evident clamshell is a part of everyday life. But what separates good packaging from something that couldn’t even keep leftovers properly cold? Whether you need an ammo storage case or simply want the best possible way of making sure your potato salad doesn’t go bad, the tips below are for everyone.


Don’t go fishing without a tamper evident clamshell! Or, better yet, one specifically designed for the art of fishing. A Continue Reading No Comments