How To Keep Your Food Cold And Safe With The Right Packaging Options

Small clamshell packaging

Packaging is in everything we do. We use it when going fishing, keeping our catch safe and cold until we can eat it for dinner. We use it to give our children something to snack on while they’re out for soccer practice. We even use it to safely and discreetly store dangerous objects such as ammo or powder. In a short, a tamper evident clamshell is a part of everyday life. But what separates good packaging from something that couldn’t even keep leftovers properly cold? Whether you need an ammo storage case or simply want the best possible way of making sure your potato salad doesn’t go bad, the tips below are for everyone.


Don’t go fishing without a tamper evident clamshell! Or, better yet, one specifically designed for the art of fishing. A fishing utility box is designed to have everything you need to have a successful trip, from little pockets to hold your tackle to a waterproof design in case you drop your equipment in the river. Not only that, freezer boxes are ideal to make sure your catch doesn’t spoil as you make your way back home. This will tie down to keeping your food safe below, as well.


Do you wear glasses? Are you thinking of getting glasses? You need to keep them safe. A tamper evident clamshell is a secure and protective box, able to withstand being dropped, stepped on and even cracked without damaging the contents within. Studies provided by GlassesCrafter have shown an estimated 75% of American adults rely on a method of vision correction or protection to function in everyday life. Whether you use reading glasses when winding down with a book or wear glasses while going to work, you’ll want to keep them secure.


When practicing at a shooting range you need to keep your items safe from prying hands. Ammo storage cases can snugly keep bullets in place, making sure they’re not dropped or lost on the way to the range and back again. Some boxes even come with specialized box labels so you can inform outside parties that find your items lost. Don’t be irresponsible when it comes to safety! A tamper evident clamshell is the buffer everyone needs and nowhere is that more clear than the last tip.


Last, but not least, we have food. With packaging such a widespread and necessary element of daily life, you can imagine green packaging is starting to pave the way for the ideal standard. It uses less material in the plastic packaging process without sacrificing quality, meaning every time you buy Tupperware and boxes you’re reducing strain on the environment and increasing your food safety. Cold foods should always stay cold (meaning don’t leave them out on the counter) and frozen foods need specialized boxes to maintain their temperature. Packaging is a useful resource, all in all. Will you do yours right?

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