Tips to Buying the Right Storage Container at the Best Price

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Mobile office containers

There are a number of things people do with steel storage containers. They have been made into mobile offices and homes, container pop up shops, used for general storage and are used around the planet to ship goods from one place to another. Billie Box estimates that there are more than 17 million steel shipping containers around the world right now. At least five million of those containers are being used to ship products. All together, those shipping containers make about 200 million trips of year. Throughout all of this, only 675 are lost every year. If you are

DIY Projects With Old Shipping Containers

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Storage container modifications

As of this very moment, there are nearly 20 million steel shipping containers crossing the world. The shipping industry is huge. In fact, it is so big it constitutes as much as 90% of the world?s trade, and in the United Kingdom, it accounts for more gross domestic product than the restaurant, takeaway food, and civil engineering industries combined.

But what happens to those steel cargo containers once they are through with their shipping routes? Steel is actually one of the most recycled materials on earth, so naturally they are reused and repurposed after just a few storage container modifications.

What Can You Do With Old Steel Shipping Containers?

  1. Container pop up shop: One innovative way entrepreneurs are taking advantage of recycled steel is by