When To Purchase A Portable Building

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Portable buildings can be an important, essential stop gap during construction processes, providing temporary school buildings for students, home for families, and even temporary church grounds. Portable buildings can be comfortable and inviting as well as with fully functional plumbing and electricity.

Sometimes, schools need to be rebuilt. Improvements need to be made and students, communities, and teachers benefit from a new school alike. But while a school is being rebuilt or renovated, where do students go? Sometimes other schools can take on the additional student load, but this is not always on option. In these cases, portable buildings can serve as temporary classrooms. Outside of renovations, sometimes schools reach capacity and don’t have funding or space for additional permanent buil

Is Your Church Experiencing Over-Crowding? Look Into Adding a Modular Building

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How do you search for churches for sale? It is not as simple as buying a house, and even that is not an easy, stress free event. There are more factors to consider when the building is going to be used as a meeting place. The number of expected people who will come visit will effect parking arrangements; churches with more than 10,000 patrons form multiple sites for a reason. The place should also be relatively easy for visitors to find. And of course, the cost needs to be right.

A traditional church building may be in a prime location, with ample parking space, and plenty of room for group meetings and offices. It is also likely to be extremely expensive. If cost is not a concern, enjoy the end of your search. If you are looking at churches for sale that (hopefully) meet your requirements at a lower pric