When To Purchase A Portable Building

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Portable buildings can be an important, essential stop gap during construction processes, providing temporary school buildings for students, home for families, and even temporary church grounds. Portable buildings can be comfortable and inviting as well as with fully functional plumbing and electricity.

Sometimes, schools need to be rebuilt. Improvements need to be made and students, communities, and teachers benefit from a new school alike. But while a school is being rebuilt or renovated, where do students go? Sometimes other schools can take on the additional student load, but this is not always on option. In these cases, portable buildings can serve as temporary classrooms. Outside of renovations, sometimes schools reach capacity and don’t have funding or space for additional permanent buildings. Portable buildings can be utilized here as well. In fact, though 99% of schools have at least one permanent building, over 30% have temporary buildings as well. Portable classrooms can provide space for overflow students, allowing them to learn in the same comfort and convenience as their peers in the main building or buildings.

Aside from schools, churches often must make use of a portable building company. Surveys have found that there are over 150 million unchurched people in the United States, meaning people who belong to a congregation but without a church site to worship together at. These people often make use of school basements and other public buildings to host their services. An alternate to this can be portable buildings. Portable or temporary buildings can also be put to use during periods of church construction or the building of new church buildings. Multiple sites for one church congregation is becoming more and more common, with churches with over 10,000 members likely to build new sites. With church becoming ever more popular – one in five Americans attend church services at least a few times a year and 51% go more regularly – the need for new church buildings is greater than ever.

Portable buildings are popular for temporary purposes because they can be ready so quickly. One can be produced in a factory in just a couple weeks and many can be delivered quickly as well. Portable buildings provide necessary stop gaps for schools and churches alike, and can help ease the process of construction, renovation, and transition. They can provide a comfortable dwelling that can feel just as nice as a permanent building, and can often be used for long term use as well.


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