Four Reasons to Repurpose Shipping Containers for a Job Site

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If you’re planning housing for a job site, you may have noticed the trend in modular housing from recycled shipping containers. While an industrial shipping container may not be your first choice when you’re planning a livable job site, shipping container solutions are actually a sustainable and inexpensive way to create quality housing. As you plan your next job site, here are four reasons to consider constructing with repurposed shipping containers.

Shipping Containers are Durable

Even though containers are designed to last about a quarter of a century, most are retired after about 13 years of use. Still, conex containers are made from steel and can withstand anywhere from 100 to 175 mph winds.

Repurposing is Good for the Planet

Experts estimate that there are over 20 million unused cargo containers on earth. These are made from recycled steel, and they can be completely recycled and reused once they’ve en demolished. Continue Reading No Comments

Indian Company Finds New Uses for Shipping Containers

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Modular housing solutions

Around the planet, companies and individuals are finding new ways to reuse shipping containers. Most repurposed shipping containers were used for shipping from ten to 15 years before they were retired and used for something else. One option is to make housing. It only takes between two and three weeks to take Conex containers and create housing. Brick and mortar houses will require between four and six months. One popular option is to use Conex containers for offices.

Now, the Better Indiaandnbsp;is reporting on a company in Dehli is taking shipping containers and doing more than just using Conex containers for offices. The company is called Aadhan. In Sanskrit, the word “aadhan” means “box.” The team at th