Make a Positive Impact in Your Community With Regular Street and Parking Lot Cleaning Services

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There are a variety of pollutants, toxins, and debris that collects on streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. In order to address this, it’s important to have these areas cleaned regularly by street sweepers and parking lot cleaners. This is particularly important within congested urban areas, as these substances can cause human, animal, and environmental health and safety issues.

Why It’s Important to Have Street Sweeping

There are different types of pollutants that are generated within urban areas. These include, but aren’t limited to, oil, grease, and toxic chemicals that are released by various types of motor vehicles. Both nutrients and pesticides enter t

How Regular Street Sweeping Services Can Reduce Pollution

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When you hear the soft shushing noise of the sweeper trucks going down the street, environmental pollution is probably far from your mind. While this public service has been around since the 19th century, street sweeping services provide a form of protection against a very 21st century problem: runoff pollution. The benefits of a regular street sweeping service have an effect on more than simple ascetics then, but a larger effect on the environment as well.

Street Sweeper Trucks: Keeping Your City Streets Clean Since 1849.

It might surprise some, but the road sweeping services of today have their beginnings in 1849, when C.S. Bishop first patented his idea for a horse-drawn str

Importance of Roadway and Parking Lot Cleaning

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Parking lot cleaning and street sweeping are essential for the look of any area. It’s extremely important to make sure our cities, towns, and roadways are clean, free from clutter, and actually safe to drive on. If it weren’t for parking lot cleaning services and street sweepers, we would have to pick up all that trash ourselves. And you know how lazy we are.

Since the Great Recession, parking lot and street sweeping services have significantly declined because cities weren’t able to shell out enough money to keep them in business. Luckily, and for the time being, things are a little better at the moment. Sweeping is just as important for roadways and parking lots as snowplow drivers during brutal win