Make a Positive Impact in Your Community With Regular Street and Parking Lot Cleaning Services

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There are a variety of pollutants, toxins, and debris that collects on streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. In order to address this, it’s important to have these areas cleaned regularly by street sweepers and parking lot cleaners. This is particularly important within congested urban areas, as these substances can cause human, animal, and environmental health and safety issues.

Why It’s Important to Have Street Sweeping

There are different types of pollutants that are generated within urban areas. These include, but aren’t limited to, oil, grease, and toxic chemicals that are released by various types of motor vehicles. Both nutrients and pesticides enter the environment from gardening, turf management, and other landscaping activities. Additional pollutants include road salts and heavy metals along with the viruses and bacteria that are released by failing septic systems.

Hiring a street sweeper to clean and maintain these areas is particularly popular in urban areas that have a great deal of traffic. These sweepers are mounted on truck bodies, and are able to literally vacuum up the debris that collects on streets and in gutters. This includes leaves, paper, and other types of visible debris. Since this debris can block stormwater facilities and lead to flooding during storm season, it is important to have street sweeping on a regular basis. Furthermore, regular street sweeping can also remove microscopic pollutants.

Why It’s Important to Have Parking Lot Cleaners

Various types of pollution collect in parking lots, such as oil, grease, and toxic chemicals. While this is an issue throughout the year, the run-off from rainwater and melting snow can exacerbate this situation.

On an annual basis, parking lot pollution makes a significant impact on health and the environment. The financial costs attributed to this type of pollution range between $6 billion and $23 billion, according to recent studies.

Learning More About Available Services

When communities and individual businesses work together to keep streets, parking lots, and other common areas clean, several tons of debris can be removed over the course of a year. Together, street sweeping services, road sweeping services, and parking lot sweeping services can make a positive impact on a community’s overall health. Read more blogs like this.

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