Packaging Is An Essential Part Of A Successful Business Model How Can You Shake Things Up In 2018?

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Half of good business is just in the packaging. Just think about it.

You picked up that bag of chips because you immediately recognized the logo and knew it’d make the perfect compliment to your lunch. You decided to double back around and look again at that new silverware on the shelf because of its claim to last a long time. Businessowner and consumer alike are very well-versed in the art of packaging. No matter which side of the fence you come from you know what works and what doesn’t work. How can you take this everyday knowledge and apply it in a way that will bring in more customers?

Whether it’s pet food packaging or a chocolate candy bag, there are a few elements that go into every successful purchase.

Did You Know?

Just when you thought clever packaging couldn’t get more useful, the saturation of several markets leaves you little choice but to up your game. A 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study revealed over 65% of consumers tr