Packaging Is An Essential Part Of A Successful Business Model How Can You Shake Things Up In 2018?

Half of good business is just in the packaging. Just think about it.

You picked up that bag of chips because you immediately recognized the logo and knew it’d make the perfect compliment to your lunch. You decided to double back around and look again at that new silverware on the shelf because of its claim to last a long time. Businessowner and consumer alike are very well-versed in the art of packaging. No matter which side of the fence you come from you know what works and what doesn’t work. How can you take this everyday knowledge and apply it in a way that will bring in more customers?

Whether it’s pet food packaging or a chocolate candy bag, there are a few elements that go into every successful purchase.

Did You Know?

Just when you thought clever packaging couldn’t get more useful, the saturation of several markets leaves you little choice but to up your game. A 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study revealed over 65% of consumers tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye and piqued their interest. Another study found the average American supermarket holds over 20,000 products, all competing in one way or another to encourage a purchase. How can you make sure you stand out?

Labels And Communication

No pet food packaging or coffee shop packaging would be complete without a label. A recent survey found two out of three Americans (or over 60%) will actively read food labels as they shop. Another study revealed 85% of shoppers said their purchase decisions are informed by reading a product’s packaging. You need to straddle that fine line of communicating your intent while keeping information concise and interesting. What are you trying to tell your customers and why should they choose you over another brand?

Using Design To Catch Attention

Good design is another way to get someone’s eye roaming for the right reasons. An interesting study on social media found 40% of consumers would share a photo of a product on their account if the packaging was interesting. This can mean an interesting color scheme, beautiful artwork or even a simple joke that gets a laugh. Businesses that pay close attention to their visual advertising, whether it’s pet food packaging or organic tea packaging, have been found to enjoy a 30% increase in consumer interest.

Portraying Eco-Friendly Intent

A good way to encourage a purchase is to tell customers what you’re doing for the environment. Perhaps your organic pet food packaging is using strictly paper products. Maybe your meat labels for packaging can show off all the local farms you’re investing in. Customers want to know their dollar is traveling as much as possible. You can extend this to premium packaging, too. Nearly 50% of online consumers state they would return to a business for another purchase if their products came in specialized packaging.

Improving Your Packaging Approach In 2018

Failing to keep pace with good packaging solutions will ensure your business falls behind your competitors. Thankfully, the tips above will do wonders for improving your in-store presence and getting you those repeat customers you dream about. A commercial food packaging bag today should have a bright color scheme and interesting logo to stand out on store shelves. Pet food packaging should show off its eco-friendly intent, whether in materials or logo, to get people talking. Packaging is so commonplace you can even see some benefits by getting a little unique.

What could a custom printed coffee bag or eco-friendly clear pouch bag do to catch someone’s eye?


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