Donate Clothes! How Donating Impacts Your Community

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Charitable donation

When it comes to helping the environment and our fellow human beings, donating is one of the best choices you can make. Americans throw away millions of clothes every year with 10.5 million tons of it ending up in landfills.

By making a charitable donation every couple of months, a few times a year, or even once a year you can help create a lasting impact on the environment and your local community.


When you donate clothes, you keep your clothing from building up in landfills. Nearly 100% of household clothing and textiles can be recycled, but Americans only recycle up to 15%. As a result, resources are wasted on making more clothing for stores

Three Reasons to Give Your Gently Used Items to Charity

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When to donate clothes

Are you looking for Purple Heart charity pick up? Sorting through your belongings and giving the clothing and household goods that you don’t need anymore to a Purple Heart charity pick up is a wonderful way to clear your mind and life of clutter, while helping veterans in need. Although making household item and clothing donations to any charity organizations is a good idea (and we aren’t bashing any place you want to give your gently used goods to!), you get a few extra advantages when you use a Purple Heart charity pick up.

The Purple Heart charity pick up you use does the “heavy lifting” for you, so that you don’t have to even leave your house. You have the additional benefit o

What Are the Top Five Reasons to Donate Used Clothes?

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Clothing drop off locations

We’ve all read the fairy tale about spinning straw into gold. But did you know that you can actually turn your old clothes and uses household goods into cash for charities for wounded soldiers? When you donate your old clothes, coffee makers and table lamps, you’re not just getting rid of clutter, but also helping the environment by keeping these materials out of landfills.
It really is one of those rare situations where it’s win-win all around. Read on to see the top five reasons why you should donate your used clothing and household goods.

#1 De-clutter your life
Once you decide to donate clothes to charity, you’ll be s