Three Reasons to Give Your Gently Used Items to Charity

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Are you looking for Purple Heart charity pick up? Sorting through your belongings and giving the clothing and household goods that you don’t need anymore to a Purple Heart charity pick up is a wonderful way to clear your mind and life of clutter, while helping veterans in need. Although making household item and clothing donations to any charity organizations is a good idea (and we aren’t bashing any place you want to give your gently used goods to!), you get a few extra advantages when you use a Purple Heart charity pick up.

The Purple Heart charity pick up you use does the “heavy lifting” for you, so that you don’t have to even leave your house. You have the additional benefit of clearing out large items that you would struggle get out of your house on your own, like furniture you don’t need anymore. On top of that, helping disabled veterans is a wonderful cause that gives you a huge sense of goodwill.

Whether you give your clothing and household donations to a charity geared towards veterans, or another good cause, everyone wins. Pay attention to our list of reasons the world is better when you donate goods to charity:

Three Reasons to Give Your Gently Used Items to Charity

  1. Donating Goods to Charity Makes You a Better Person
    We live in a very materialistic society. It feels like every day we just scramble to collect more and more and more stuff. If we just get one more thing, then we’ll finally achieve satisfaction in life. However, in reality, the opposite is usually true. The more stuff we collect, the more burdened our minds are. Psychology experts suggest that when we own more clutter than our brains can manage, it triggers a sense of loss of control and anxiety. When we clear the stuff we don’t need out of our homes, our minds gain a sense of freedom that impacts our overall attitude towards life.

    Additionally, as we mentioned, giving the items you don’t want anymore to a noble charity gives you the warm fuzzies that make life better. When you do good, you feel good about yourself, which gives you more energy (and maybe more inspiration to do more good). You become a better person when you donate your unneeded items to charity.
  2. Making Clothing Donations Helps the Planet Earth

    It’s no secret that as Americans, we have a huge issue with wastefulness. We live in a disposable generation. Use something until it isn’t needed anymore and then throw it in the trash and get a new one. It’s almost as if we think that when the garbage man takes our trash away, it magically disappears. However, where it really goes is into a landfill — a big hole in the ground where we dump more and more trash until we run out of space, and then we go dig a new hole to dump trash. You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that this isn’t a sustainable practice. Eventually, we’ll run out of space on our once-beautiful planet.

    When you donate your unneeded goods to charity instead of disposing of them, you’re giving them another lifetime of usefulness. You’re keeping a little bit of trash out of a landfill. You’re saving the planet the waste of energy and resources it would take to produce that item again for the person who is using your donation instead of buying it new. The more we donate to charity, the better off our planet is.

  3. Donating to Charity Improves the Local Economy You Live in

    The financial benefits of donating to charity reach far more than just the benefactor of the cause (such as the veterans in our initial example). Most charities use donated goods to stock a thrift store, that generates cash for their cause. Not only does their cause benefit, but the people who shop at the thrift, and get goods for pennies on the dollar of what they’d have to pay if they bought it new now have more cash on hand to spend in other ways. Possibly even in a business that you own! Donating household items that you don’t want anymore to charity generates money for your local economy!

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