3 Incredibly Popular Types of Tungsten Products

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Tungsten was first discovered in 1781 but wouldn’t attain popularity for quite some time. Unfortunately, the world would not become acquainted with this metal for another 150 years. Various tungsten manufacturing methods help ensure that products containing this metal are available to consumers around the world. That being said, it isn’t only shoppers who are looking for tungsten products. Considering that, here are three incredibly popular types of tungsten products.

  1. Rings

    One of the main ways that people receive an introduction to tungsten is while shopping for a ring. Tungsten wedding rings are extremely popular in the jewelry industry. One reason for the popularity of this type of metal is due to its strength. In fact, tungsten has both the highest metal point and tensile strength when compared to all metals in pure form. Considering that, tungsten rings are often sold due to their resistance to scratches. In addition, the popularity of tungsten i

Why Tungsten is Such a Big Deal In Manufacturing

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Molybdenum manufacturer

Tungsten plays a huge role in the manufacturing industry, especially in the form of tungsten carbide, which is between 8.5-9 on the Moh’s hardness scale, just behind diamonds, which have a hardness of 10. It also shows up in our everyday lives, in the form of filaments in incandescent lightbulbs and electrodes. Tungsten is also commonly used in alloys to make already strong material even stronger. Interestingly, tungsten carbide, thanks to its high resistance to scratching and high hardness levels, has become a popular material for bridal jewelry, in addition to its purposes in the industrial sector as components in industrial machinery, cutting tools, or abrasives. But how is tungsten mad