Which Type of Stone Will Work For Your Kitchen Remodel?

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The Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures used marble in art, architecture, and design thousands of years ago. Today, 93% of homeowners completing a remodeling choose to use natural stone slabs for their kitchen countertops. When you consider the properties of marble, ceramic, and natural stone slabs it’s not surprising that these materials are still commonly used. Here’s a quick guide for homeowners who want to update an aspect of their home.

Is There a Difference Between the Ceramic Slabs, Natural Stone Slabs, and Marble Slabs For Sale?

The biggest mistake a homeowner could make when remodeling their kitchen is to assume that any type of stone will work. This thought process is a mistake. Each option has different properties. Understanding what each stone for sale offers is key to choosing the best option for your kitchen.

Are Ceramic Slabs Be Good For Co

Five Popular Upgrade Ideas for Your Hotel

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Marble slabs for sale

Every hotel owner wants their establishment to make a great first impression. Over time, every hotel can find that it needs some upgrading. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed at the thought of where to begin with renovations. Every hotel needs to upgrade at one point or another. Understanding what upgrades are popular will help ensure you make educated renovation decisions. In this post, you will learn five popular hotel upgrade ideas.

  1. Renovate Flooring Spaces

    In many cases, the floors of a hotel are the first things your guests see upon entering your hotel. There are a wide variety of hotel flooring options available. Engineered stone is one of the most popular choices for hotel r