Which Type of Stone Will Work For Your Kitchen Remodel?

The Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures used marble in art, architecture, and design thousands of years ago. Today, 93% of homeowners completing a remodeling choose to use natural stone slabs for their kitchen countertops. When you consider the properties of marble, ceramic, and natural stone slabs it’s not surprising that these materials are still commonly used. Here’s a quick guide for homeowners who want to update an aspect of their home.

Is There a Difference Between the Ceramic Slabs, Natural Stone Slabs, and Marble Slabs For Sale?

The biggest mistake a homeowner could make when remodeling their kitchen is to assume that any type of stone will work. This thought process is a mistake. Each option has different properties. Understanding what each stone for sale offers is key to choosing the best option for your kitchen.

Are Ceramic Slabs Be Good For Countertops?

Ceramic is not good for countertops, but can be great for kitchen floors. Why? The composition of ceramic means that it is actually one of the softest stones. It is still a great option for many kitchens however. There is a strategy when it comes to ceramic stone slabs, and that is sealant. A good application of sealant will work wonders towards helping the stone last with a minimum of dents and cuts.

While ceramic is not necessarily good for countertops, this stone is often favored for kitchen floors. One reason is that ceramic is friendly to a wide range of budgets. Also, once a good sealant is applied ceramic stone slabs are fairly resistant to spill or stubborn stains.

Natural Stone Slabs Are a Popular Choice For a Reason.

Natural stone can be a great choice for those homeowners who desire to have a unique center of focus in the kitchen. Natural stone such as granite and quartz have one-of-a-kind patterns and veining. For people who want perfectly matching uniformity in their kitchen, this unpredictable beauty might not be appreciated.

Granite is great for countertops because of its toughness. This stone is nearly impervious to liquids. It is also resistant to cuts and dents. However, homeowners should never push their luck and abuse the countertop with heat or pressure. The appearance of the stone will be effected if improperly cared for over time.

Shopping For Marble Slabs For Sale Can Be Greatly Enjoyable.

Marble is a luxurious stone that can last a very long time if properly taken care of. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders believe that marble countertops can last a lifetime, and marble floors can last 100 years or more. That is a long time to live with a design. Make sure you choose the color and veining of marble slabs for sale at the supplier that best appeals to you.

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, there is a lot to think about. Choosing the best stone slabs for your kitchen flooring or countertops should be the most enjoyable part. After doing a bit of research to determine what type will work best for your needs, don’t be afraid to stop by a stone supplier boutique. They’ll be able to answer the questions you have, a great many you haven’t considered.

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