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Businesses within this country experience a substantial financial loss because of employee retention issues. This amounts to $11 billion on an annual basis. In addition to the financial costs that are accrued, employee retention issues also the capacity to affect a business’ overall performance.

A Brief Overview of Retention Issues

Recent survey data indicates that 22% of new hires leave their position within less than two months. More specifically, this often occurs within 45 days after being hired. Given this, it’s not surprising to learn that 57% of organizations do view this as a problem. After employee retention, 46% of human resources professionals reported that employee engagement was also a concern. This was the case with 36% of the professionals that participated in the survey.

Successful Business Practices to Address Retention

There are a variety of business practices that have proven to be effective with addressing employee retention. When compan

A Finer Touch For A Finer Product Custom Laser Cutting Services For Engraving On Plastic

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Sometimes the job needs a finer touch. When it comes to the hardier materials, a minor error can look very big, indeed.

Custom laser cutting acrylic tools are designed to give you the precision of an artist with the technology of the future. A tool that’s, quite literally, cutting edge. The future of your business hinges on the quality that keeps people talking well after they’ve received a product. Consider making this the year you reach out to a laser cutting and engraving company that’s familiar with the art. Not only will your quality improve, you’ll be able to focus more on what you do best.

Engraving on plastic is best left to the professionals. Learn more about the laser and how it can keep you from cutting corners.

Lasers are far from a sci-fi concept. They’re a reliable tool used to provide countless industries with the quality they need to achieve incredible services or products. You can find laser eye surgery providi