A Finer Touch For A Finer Product Custom Laser Cutting Services For Engraving On Plastic

Sometimes the job needs a finer touch. When it comes to the hardier materials, a minor error can look very big, indeed.

Custom laser cutting acrylic tools are designed to give you the precision of an artist with the technology of the future. A tool that’s, quite literally, cutting edge. The future of your business hinges on the quality that keeps people talking well after they’ve received a product. Consider making this the year you reach out to a laser cutting and engraving company that’s familiar with the art. Not only will your quality improve, you’ll be able to focus more on what you do best.

Engraving on plastic is best left to the professionals. Learn more about the laser and how it can keep you from cutting corners.

Lasers are far from a sci-fi concept. They’re a reliable tool used to provide countless industries with the quality they need to achieve incredible services or products. You can find laser eye surgery providing individuals with the ability to see without glasses or contacts. Lasers are used in everyday items like printers and scanners, whether for creating beautiful prints or reading cards. For plastic parts and related materials, the laser is a hot item with a cool finish.

There have been several impressive developments for lasers these past few years. The most powerful laser ever recorded was at 1.25 petawatts in a Californian laboratory, turning heads in 1996 and setting the stage for what’s to come. Go back even further to the 1970’s and you can find lasers used commercially in supermarket barcode scanners, though they’ve since been improved to be much more accurate. What makes lasers stand out are their precision accuracy and ease of use. The probability of human error is shaved down to a hair-thin margin.

Laser cutting and measuring give you accuracy, speed, and reliability. For starters, laser cutting and measuring are accurate to within one billionth of a meter. The narrowest part of a laser’s beam is even smaller than 0.0125 inches. Just like any other tool, lasers come in several different varieties to suit each purpose. The weakest lasers are eye safe and classified under level one — as touched on above, these are used to correct vision problems on the permanent level.

On the other extreme, lasers can be increased to extreme intensities. The standard levels are between one and five, with five strong enough to make a person suffer permanent blindness or burnt skin. Even class four lasers are able to start a fire or melt various materials. Engraving on plastic uses a carefully maintained measure of intensity to provide you a pristine cut and a beautiful finish. Anything less just isn’t worth your hard-earned money.

You need high quality and high quality laser cut parts. You’re also not sure if you should hire several people to do the job. Custom laser cutting services can handle anything you throw their way, even if you’re not quite sure what you need yet. Engraving on plastic can be combined with printing services to handle multiple aspects of your business, conveniently located in one spot. Ask your laser engraving service how they can save you money on wasted plastic, too.

There’s no need to brute force it. Ask for a finer touch and reach out to a laser cutting company this year.

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