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3 Ways to Increase Trade Show Engagement

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Trade shows are popular events held in convention centers throughout the United States. In fact, as of October 2016, there were almost 252 convention centers throughout this country. If you’re preparing to attend a trade show, it’s wise to learn a few helpful tips. In turn, these tips will be able to help ensure you’re ready for an upcoming trade show. Here are three great tips for engaging audiences at a trade show.

  1. Ensure Your Booth Stands out from the Crowd

    Research shows that signage can allow a business to generate an additional 75% to its customer base and referrals. With that in mind, it’s important to invest in trade show pop up banner displays. You’ll want to create an eye catching display that causes attendees to turn their heads. If not, you’ll risk being unable to stand apart from your competitors.
  2. Attendees Love Receiving Items for Free

    Many customers want to learn what a company offers them. Considerin

4 Reasons to Donate Clothes to Charities

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There’s no denying that most people love purchasing clothing. In fact, research shows that the average American purchases at least two times as many articles of clothing as they did 20 years ago. Therefore, many people find that this much clothing begins to create cluttered spaces. Considering that, it’s understandable to need a bit of extra incentive to begin looking for donations. Here are four reasons why people donate clothes to charities.

  • Moving to a New Location

    People often tire of living in the same home for long periods of time. Whether it’s for a new job or personal reasons, you might decide that it’s time to move. Unfortunately, this means moving all of your belongings to a new location. While preparing items to move, you’ll probably find many articles of clothing you no longer need. Fortunately, you can get rid of these items while helping others by donating them to a local charity.
  • Trying to Remove Clutter