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Finding the Best Executive Jet For You

Written by Fred on . Posted in Private jet membership, Types of private planes, Worldwide jet charter flight attendant

Executive jets are one of the most efficient ways to get to any distant business or personal engagements. However, there are many private jet companies who offer chartered flights, and finding one that is best for you can be a bit confusing. Here is what you need to ask before booking a flight.

When deciding which executive jet charter company you want to fly with, remember that it is more than acceptable to ‘shop around’ so to speak. Feel free to contact multiple companies and ask them a couple of these questions to get a better feel for their services.

  • Be sure to ask if the operators are FAA certified, along with what specific experience they have. You want to be sure you are flying with a recognized and trusted name in aviation. You can also ask how long their company has been in business, to give you a better idea of how much experience they have in the charter flight industry.
  • Ask if any action has ever been taken against them by the FAA, this can help asc