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A Helpful Guide for Planning a Corporate Event

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Event planners certainly keep themselves busy throughout a typical year. It’s true that many event planners work with couples having a wedding. In fact, statistics show that nearly 2.4 million weddings take place throughout the United States each year. That being said, many event planners work with a large number of corporate clients. One study found that 61.2% of organizers plan corporate events. It’s important to keep corporate clients satisfied by planning great events for them. With that in mind, here is a brief guide for throwing the perfect corporate event.

Preparing an Event Timeline

It’s imperative to host an event that is scheduled properly. Neglecting to create a timeline of events could leave guests confused and ready to exit the building. To avoid this, speak with your client about what activities need to occur during this event. For instance, many corporate events include guest speakers or award ceremonies. Knowing what needs to happen during this event can h