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Why Clean Parking Lots Retain More Customers

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We all know how important a clean interior is. Whether we’re visiting a restaurant, shopping at a grocery store, or even examining our own home, cleanliness matters. One reason for cleanliness is aesthetic appeal. The neater a room, the more enticing it is, so for businesses a clean interior means more customer retention and improved reputation. As far as homes go, who wants to live in a dirty, messy space? But looks are just one side of the coin. More important is what cleanliness suggests. In other words, cleaner spaces suggest safer and more sanitary spaces, whereas dirty, untidy spaces suggest the opposite. Indeed, uncleaned areas can host bacteria, disease, harmful odors, and more.

All of this is common knowledge. Most children are taught to clean up after themselves from an early age, and ti

Modern Business Trends Getting Eco-Friendly With Mobile Office Containers

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Business is a flexible, ever-changing element. Why not have where you conduct business be the same? When you don’t have the time to wait for a static building to be crafted and you need something that can reflect the hustle and bustle of your industry, there’s one option that’s been helping countless fields in great fashion. New storage containers for sale do the dual work of offering managers and workers alike a nifty and clean place to conduct business, reduce environmental strain and even contribute to a new and growing green movement.

What Are Shipping Containers Used For?

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When Was the Last TIme Yo Had to Interview for a Job?

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If you had to reapply for your current job today, would you still be hired?
A difficult question for many people to consider, today’s work force platform can be both confusing and competitive. From the process of correctly submitting digital resumes and references to the difficult task of making yourself standout from a large pool of applicants, today?s staffing solutions require careful attention. And while some larger companies have huge human resources staffs, smaller companies may have an owner who tries to fill the needs of many positions.
With closer regulation of hiring and firing practices, as well as attention to equal opportunity employmen

Create the Home of Your Dreams With Conex Containers

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Used shipping containers make great modular housing. They are cost effective, durable, and easy to locate. You can easily turn a dull looking shipping container into a beautiful place to call your home. If you have decided that remodeling a used shipping container is the best option for your housing needs, follow these tips to turn it into the home of your dreams.

Choose an appropriate container size
Shipping and Conex containers come in many different sizes. Not only do you want a size that can be customized into something with as many bedrooms and bathrooms as you require, but you also want something that will fit on your current land. Measure the land and understand how much the Conex containers will take up. Then, consider the layout of your modular home. A stan