3 Categories of Pharmaceutical Packaging and What They’re Used For

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Blister package design

Of all the packaging in the world, medical packaging companies have one of the most important jobs. They must make sure their products are packaged correctly every time to ensure that they arrive at their destinations without being corrupted, damaged, or contaminated.
In order to do this, medical packaging companies use a variety of packaging categories to help ensure that their products are safe and secure. Pharmaceutical packaging services are no joke. Here’s how most pharmaceuticals are packaged before they arrive at your door.
Primary Packaging
Primary packaging is the first layer of packaging that actually encapsula

How Safe Is the Water Source That Your Family Depends On?

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Remediation projects

Water, water every where, and not a drop to drink.
The water situation in flood ravaged southern Louisiana may not be quite as desperate as these famous lines from The Rime of the Ancyent Mariner by the English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, but Louisiana is again bringing attention to the stability of water conditions around the nation. And while most of the focus of the flood damage is rightly on the 100,000 people who have been displaced from their homes, the local and federal officials also work to groundwater remediation equipment for help containing other situations. In fact, different Continue Reading No Comments

How to choose the best bankruptcy lawyer

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Employment discrimination

Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting task. People often resort to selecting their attorney based solely on cost, because of desperation and pressure to save whatever money they have left. However, that is not an effective strategy, and can end up costing you more in the long run. Here are our top tips on how to choose the best lawyer when filing for bankruptcy:

Find a real expert. Plenty of lawyers can handle a variety of cases from commercial litigation to intellectual property to professional malpractice and everything in between. But when it comes to filing for bankruptcy,

Accurately Scanning Machine Parts With Industrial Computed Tomography Scanning

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Ct scanning

If you manage an industrial plant or are in charge of a manufacturing or designing process, it is likely that you routinely use a number of different tailor-made, high-precision machines to achieve your goals. A number of industries use specifically built or designed machines to achieve a lot of their production goals, and these machines are integral to the smooth functioning and productivity of any such endeavor. Often times, these machines consist of a number of small, precision parts which come together to collectively give them the functionality that you need. Other times, the need might arise to replace a part, or replicate a part with precision just by scanning it for structural characteristics. If you have felt such needs during your work, a process like industrial computed tomography scanning or CT scannin