Taking A Much Closer Behind Getting Clean Water In The United States

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Water is the stuff of life. We use water for just about everything that we do. From the food that we grow to how we bathe to how we sustain our bodies and keep them well hydrated and fully functioning, water is essential for just about every single thing in life. Without water, we would all, simply put, die quite quickly. However, most of us in the United States take water for granted, as clean drinking water has become highly accessible – in other parts of the country, people are not so lucky, and many go without clean water access.

Clean water is actually far more scarce than most of us have actually realized. For though water covers the majority of this planet, the majority of that water is also salt water, which is not safe for human consumption and will actually lead to dehydration and, later, death. In fact, less than 5% of all of the water on Earth is fresh water and only a scant 1% of all water on the planet has been deemed to be safe for drinking, at least by humans. Ther

The Importance Of Preserving Fresh Water

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If someone gave you a glass of cloudy water, would you drink it? Hopefully not. Whether it is dirt, coal ash or chemical contaminants, safe to drink groundwater is important.

Water on the planet Earth is a precious commodity. That sounds strange at first because everyone knows the Earth is covered in water, 70 percent actually! While that is true, if you tried to drink anything other than fresh, like salt water, you are asking for dehydration. Freshwater makes up three percent of the Earth’s available water, making salt water a whopping 97 percent! The Earth’s fresh water supply dwindles even further when you consider only one percent of Earth’s water is actually drinkable.

All those tidbits point to a common conclusion: the water that is left behind needs to be treated, recycled and preserved. Refusing to do so dwindles the already limited supply of drinkable water.

The importance of drinkable water becomes even more important considering 50 percent of citizens in the U

Examining The Benefits Of CNC Machining

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If you’re in the manufacturing business or machining business, odds are you’re relying more and more computer-numerical control (CNC) machining, which includes operations once operated by engineers such as a lathe tool, shaping machines, vertical millers and other machine shop supplies.

In some cases, CNC machining has replaced operator-controlled equipment entirely. There are many benefits of turning to CNC machining for machining needs including speed, accuracy and exact production. Whether you’re producing large quantities of a product or small batches, CNC machining, used in conjunction with tools like machinist blocks (or 1-2-3 blocks) is making things easier.

The industries using CDC machining are growing by the day and include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Dental
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture

One of the greatest benefits of CNC machining is that one skilled operator can operate several machines wherea

The Right Hardware For Hauling Laods on the Worksite

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On a construction site, or at a logging site, heavy loads will sometimes be lifted. Sets of bricks or heavy pipes have to be picked up and hauled into position, or a fallen tree trunk needs to be placed into the back of a dump truck. These loads are far too heavy for even a team of workers to handle alone, so cranes take care of this job. But a crane is more than the lifting arm; slings and chokers are used to secure the load and lift it up. A logging choker, for example, is a cable with loops at each end. Logging chokers can have their loops threaded through each other once the choker is wrapped around a log, and this makes for a simple but secure lifting assembly. Multiple chokers may be used to keep a load stable. Meanwhile, slings such as chain or synthetic slings are used for construction project loads, and synthetic slings should be used properly to avo