How Has Mass Text Messaging Changed Business As We Know It?

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How has advanced communication technology changed how we interact with the world? What was considered almost impossible a mere century ago is now a reality for most people on the planet, affecting how they form relationships, pursue their careers and stay safe throughout the year. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find the average individual without a cellphone, if not a tablet or laptop. Mass text messaging is a phenomenon that only continues to be deeply explored by engineers and scholars alike, with the benefits in direct proportion to the negative. If you’re curious about the effect of mass text messaging on your business or are curious how it has changed soci

Safe Sailing 5 Important Cruise Safety Tips

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Vacations can be both fun and necessary for your emotional well-being. For many people, the ideal vacation involves getting on a cruise ship. Whether you’re embarking on a themed boat or want to get on-board a cruise vessel for a non-singles getaway, you’ll want to take measures to stay safe on your journey. Here are five important cruise safety tips to keep in mind for your trip:

  1. Read the report card
    Did you know that vessels have report cards? The Vessel Sanitation Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is responsible for inspecting ships and reporting on their findings. If your ship has had reported illnesses or Continue Reading No Comments

Successfully Bidding on Government RFPS

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The main goal for most business owners is to successfully grow and expand their business. This can come in a variety of ways, but usually always involves increase customer counts and the amount that customers spend at the business. The type of customers that a business is attempting to gain will play a factor into the type of marketing and business awareness that is done. For example, a business that hopes to obtain a government contract will focus more on government applications and government bids.

For obvious reasons, bidding on government rfps can be very complex and timely. A lot of information needs to be included in the bidding application. The government employees will use all of this information to make their decision in who will hold the contract. Obtaining a government contract can result in a lo

Hiring a Reputable Company to Install Your Outdoor LED Business Signs

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Are you looking to purchase outdoor LED business signs but donandrsquo;t know if they are going to be the best option for your business? This is something that many business owners struggle with when it comes to their marketing strategy. Can LED signs really help with promotion?

LED Signs Are Great for Marketing

Although the world has been cluttered by the internet and all of its unlimited resources, people thing that owning outdoor LED business signs is no longer a good idea. However, this is not a good way of thinking.

Many people donandrsquo;t realize that when they are marketing, they need to appeal to every consumer in every location. This also includes local customers. Owning outdoor LED display signs can help you pull people into your business and turn